Eclipse MT-7062
HDMI Cable Tester

  • For HDMI cables Type A & C
  • Loopback function
  • Automatically fast scan for testing all conductors status in a cable
  • Automatically slow scan for testing all conductor's status in a cable
  • Manual test for step by step detecting individual conductors for intermittent faults
  • HDMI cable mapping
  • Troubleshooting
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Eclipse MT-7062 Shown
The MT-7062 HDMI cable tester allows the fast and accurate verification of both HDMI Type A and Type C cables, mapping continuity and proper configuration and displays 19 pins and shield connection status on both main and remote unit. The MT-7062 can test all HDMI cables with Type A to A, A to C and C to C connectors, especially for fragile, easily damaged HDMI patch cord and in-wall HDMI cables, and is designed with loopback functions enabling users to test HDMI Type A to A and A to C on the main unit. The cable tester is also able to automatically detect wiring on HDMI Type A or Type C conditions in straight, short, open, crossover in all RGB conductors and quickly troubleshoot and verify HDTV installation and DIY termination in the field.
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MT-7062 Eclipse MT-7062 HDMI Cable Tester Discontinued
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