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Eclipse 6HP-9250

6 / 250 MHz Oscilloscope Probe Kit, Switchable X1 / X10 Attenuation with Reference Positions, BNC Adapter, IC and Insulating Tip

Brand: Eclipse
Model No: 6HP-9250
Our Model No: 6HP9250
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Switchable X1/X10 attenuation with reference switch positions
  • Break-resistant center conductor and wide compensation range
  • Flatter response, sharper leading edges
  • Faster rise time and replaceable cable probe head tip and ground lead
  • Max Input voltage: 600V (DC-peak AC)
  • Includes BNC adapter, IC tip, insulating tip and trimming tool
  • Attenuation: X1
  • Readout: No
  • Input Impedance: 1MO 56pF
  • Bandwidth: 6MHZ
  • Resetime: 58 ns
  • Max Input V: 300VDC
  • Compensation Range: NA
  • Attenuation: X10
  • Readout:
  • Input Impedance: 10MO 13pF
  • Bandwidth: 250MHZ
  • Resetime: 1.4ns
  • Max Input V: 600VDC
  • Compensation Range: 10-30PF

The Eclipse 6HP9250 is a 6 / 100 MHz Oscilloscope Probe Kit. The Eclipse 6HP-9250 has switchable X1 / X10 attenuation with reference switch positions, and a break-resistant center conductor and wide compensation range. In addition, the Eclipse 6HP-9250 Oscilloscope Probe Kit includes a BNC adapter, IC tip, insulating tip, and trimming tool.

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