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Click for larger imageEagle Eye IPQMS-C320 Battery Monitoring System for 0-640 VDC Systems using 1.2-12V Batteries


Eagle Eye IPQMS-C320 Battery Monitoring System for 0-640 VDC Systems using 1.2-12V Batteries

Model No: IPQMS-C320
Our Model No: IPQMSC320
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 24/7/365 Battery Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Battery Management Software
  • Installation while systems are online
  • Meets IEEE and NERC standard recommendations for battery monitoring
  • Patented ripple-removing algorithm
  • Injects minimal current for measurement
  • Simple to install with custom, preassembled installation materials
  • Alarms alert in real-time during outbreak
  • Can be powered by AC or DC

Eagle Eye's iPQMS-C320 Battery Monitoring System is designed to measure the aging status of up to 448 jars (or 448 cells) by measuring and recording: string voltage,DC current, jar/cell voltage, internal resistance (I.R.), connection resistance, and temperature. The iPQMS-C320 is designed for use on vented lead acid, valve regulated lead acid, and nickel-cadmium battery systems. The included Centroid Snet Battery Management Software records measured data for comprehensive trending analysis, ensuring backup power systems are optimally maintained. The iPQMS-C320 system measures up to 448 jars (or 448 cells) through clamps connected directly to the battery connections. The iPQMS-C320 can be used on a private network via TCP/IP or locally with direct RS-232 connection. Networked systems can utilize SMS/Email alerts during alarm outbreak. Modbus protocol can be utilized for third-party software integration.

  • 1 - Centroid Snet Battery
  • 1 - Management Software
  • 1 - iPQMS MPU with mounting kit
  • 1 - Relaying Unit(s)
  • 1 - O-Clamps for inter-cell cable connections
  • 1 - C-Clamps for inter-cell busbar connections
  • 1 - Cabling for string voltage measurement
  • 1 - Cabling for cell voltage, cell I.R. and temp. measurement
  • 1 - CT clamp for DC current measurement
  • 1 - Power cabling
  • 1 - Optional: Spare parts kit
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(1.1 MB)
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