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Click for larger imageEagle Eye BDL-10C-10S DAC Battery Data Logging Kit, for up to (10) 12Vx4=48Vdc Systems

Eagle Eye BDL-10C-10S DAC

Eagle Eye BDL-10C-10S DAC Battery Data Logging Kit, for up to (10) 12Vx4=48Vdc Systems

Brand: Eagle Eye
Model No: BDL-10C-10S DAC
Our Model No: BDL10C10SDAC
Condition: NEW
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Sale $9,995.00

Product Features:

  • Simultaneously monitor cell voltage, string voltage, string current and ambient temperature
  • Lightweight modular DAC design for easy installation and operation
  • Tests 12V Batteries
  • Magnetic contact points for mounting to battery or rack
  • Directly powered by battery, no need for extra power supply
  • One DAC connects to multiple batteries - saving time and money
  • Wireless communication between battery string and BDL DataView Software for data management
  • Monitoring interval is programmed by user for real-time monitoring results and report generation
  • Application includes Power Utilities, Telecom/Communications, UPS Systems, Green Energy, Electronics, Battery Suppliers and Manufacturers, Government/Defense, Oil, Gas & Fuel, Motive Power, Medical/Biotechnology

The BDL-10C-10S DAC Battery Data Logging Kit is designed for battery data logging of cell voltage, string voltage, DC current, and ambient temperature of battery systems under discharge or recharge. The modular design of the BDL10C10SDAC allows the units to be customized for use on wide variety of battery systems ranging from 12V to 450V.

The BDL-10C-10S DAC consists of Data Acquisition Cases (DAC's) which are used to gather measurement data from the battery system. A �String DAC� is used to measure total voltage, DC current (with fitted CT clamp), and ambient temperature. �Cell DAC�s� are used to measure the voltage of each individual battery cell � one Cell DAC connects to (4) or (12) battery cells. DAC�s communicate wirelessly to a module that connects directly to the PC, communicating all measured data into the included Battery Data Logger Management Software. Recorded data can be analyzed and generated into reports.

  • 1 - String DAC
  • 1 - PC Comm. Terminal
  • 1 - Fitted CT Clamp
  • 1 - RS232-USB Adapter
  • 1 - Battery Data Logger Software
  • 1 - Carrying Case
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