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Eagle Eye LB-125-100
DC load bank

  • Rugged, compact and portable unit with carrying case
  • PTC ceramic resistor for safe discharging
  • 4 settings for auto shut-down of discharge: Discharge time, discharged capacity, cell cut-off voltage and total cut-off voltage
  • Continued discharge available when certain cells voltage reach cut-off value
  • Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge
  • Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging
  • AC & DC power supply modes for different needs
  • Integrated functions for displaying, controlling and discharging
  • Safe circuits avoids damage to battery when testing
  • Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
  • Warning info, dynamic discharge and static discharge data auto-saving
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Eagle Eye LB-125-100 Shown

Batteries in power utilities, telecom or any other backup power system must provide the equipment they serve with timely and sufficient power in case of a power failure. However, due to various reasons, the battery capacities could drop dramatically before they are needed for power backup. Costs could be tremendous once the standby batteries fail to work properly at the critical moment. Therefore, it becomes essential to check the batteries capacity on a regular basis. The only reliable way to measure the battery capacity is to carry out a discharge test. This “must-do” job also extends the life span of standby batteries (recommended by IEEE 1186-1996 for battery maintenance). Eagle Eye LB-125-100 series battery discharge monitors feature a unique design and excellent performance characteristics that will facilitate your battery maintenance work. Discharging values of each cell can be viewed on the LCD display and computer simultaneously by using the analyzing software.

The LB-125-100 DC Load Bank is specially designed for a discharge test, capacity test, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other tests for 125VDC power units by applying a load up to 100Amps. Standard available load is 0-100Amps. Resolution 1Amp.
Power Supply AC 220V/110V or DC (from battery), 50/60Hz
String Voltage  125V
Discharging Current 125V, 0-100A
Accuracy 1% Resolution: 0.1A or 0.5%
Discharge Voltage range  125V, 0-100A
Voltage Accuracy 0.5% Sampling Interval 5s –1min
LCD Display 128*64 pixel Communication USB
Temperature 32F ~ 104F 5%~90% Relative humidity
Cell type 2V or 12V or 2V/6V/12V compatible
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
LB-125-100 Eagle Eye LB-125-100 125DC, 0-100Amp Battery Load Bank  Discontinued
LB-125-100 DAC Eagle Eye LB-125-100 DAC 125DC, 0-100Amp Battery Load Bank with Monitoring  Discontinued