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Click for larger imageEagle Eye LB-1000 Battery Charger/Discharger/Activator

Eagle Eye LB-1000

Eagle Eye LB-1000 Battery Charger/Discharger/Activator

Brand: Eagle Eye
Model No: LB-1000
Our Model No: LB1000
Condition: NEW
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Sale $5,700.00

Product Features:

  • Small size, portable and user-oriented
  • Applicable to single cell of 2V, 6V and 12V
  • 3 functions in one: charging, discharging and activation
  • These functions could be used separately or comprehensively
  • Testing waveform playback function
  • All-rounded and accurate testing results with vivid waveforms
  • Able to charge/discharge single and multi-cell batteries
  • Powerful Eagle Eye DataView software for testing data analyzing and report printing
  • Long-time monitoring of the battery condition
  • Safety circuits prevent damage to battery under test
  • Direct USB drive for data transferring to PC
  • Simple and fast for software update
  • Helpful in restoring battery health

Eagle Eye LB-1000 is a compact unit for daily battery maintenance. It offers 3 complete solutions: battery charger, battery discharger and battery activator, which will facilitate your battery maintenance program. These three functions could be used individually or comprehensively. When used comprehensively, lag-out battery will experience low-volt constant current charging and discharging of single or multi-cell batteries (1~99A). By activating the disabled Active Material of the battery electrode plate, it amends the battery malfunction caused by chemical failure and thus boosts the capacity of an old battery. Activation curve and certain parameters (e.g.: voltage and resistance) will display on screen as activation ends.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(533 KB)
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