GE Druck RTX 1000H
4-20mA HART®Pressure Transmitters

  • Accuracy 0.075% standard
  • Integral pressure/vacuum generation
  • Standard ranges up to 300 psig (20 bar)
  • Five digit LCD display, multiple scales
  • Dual pressure and electrical readout
  • Transmitter supply and measurement
  • URL’s from 10 psi to 20,000 psi
  • 100:1 rangeability
  • ‘Best in class’ performance
  • Hastelloy C diaphragm supplied as standard
  • Aluminum or stainless electronics housing
  • NAMUR compliant alarm outputs
Click here for larger image - GE Druck RTX1000H Series 4-20mA HART Pressure TransmittersClick here for larger image - GE Druck RTX1000H Series 4-20mA HART Pressure Transmitters
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The RTX 1000H Series  series provides a choice of user rangeable pressure transmitters with HART® digital signal superimposed. Offering turndowns up to 100:1 and ranging from 0.3 psi to20,000 psi, the RTX 1000 covers the widest range of gauge and absolute pressure applications available on the market.

The RTX 1000H Series  provides accuracy up to 0.075% including non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability effects. This helps the user to achieve optimum process efficiency and ultimate product quality.

While Providing the optimum effiency , the RTX 1000H Series Zero/span push buttons and a simple configuration routine reduce user set-up and calibration time. A separate terminal on the terminal block allows ameter to be connected to check calibration without breaking into the 4-20mA loop.

The RTX 1000H extends the range to include a fully rangeable transmitter utilizing the industry standard HART® protocol. This provides enhanced performance and digital two-way communication. In addition, any span can be set within a 1:1 to 100:1 ratio of the pressure module upper range limit (URL).To adjust span, the RTX 1000 uses a simple set-up routine using push buttons located on the electronics board. When calibration is complete, a switch locks the push buttons out of the main circuit, eliminating this potential source of drift to ensure optimum long term operational stability.

Sensing Elements:
At the heart of the instrument is a micro-machined silicon sensing element. Micro-machining defines the thickness and area of the silicon which forms the pressure sensitive diaphragm and a fully active four-arm strain gauge bridge is diffused into the appropriate regions. Silicon has excellent mechanical properties being perfectly elastic and free from hysteresis, and the ‘atomically’ diffused gauges provide high output signals and overload capabilities. The basic sensor is housed within a high integrity glass to metalseal, providing both electrical and physical isolation from the pressure media. The Hastelloy isolation diaphragm is electron beam welded to this seal and transmits applied pressure to the sensor via a silicone fluid filling.

Intelligent Electronics
The electronics assembly utilizes microprocessor technology to create a compact circuit with the minimum of components while producing an extremely stable signal unaffected by shifts in ambient temperature. User selectable switches provide direct access to damping adjustment, high or low failure alarm and write protection to inhibit any unauthorized change of instrument configuration. The electronics are enclosed in a compact and lightweight aluminum alloy housing which, in most cases, enables direct mounting to the process, eliminating the need for additional hardware. Alternatively, a stainless steel housing is available.
How to Order
Base Model

X 10

-# -# -# -# -# -# -# -# -#
Process Wetted body/
Fill Fluid
Hastelloy C/ 316 Stainless Steel/ Silicone Oil
(For 20,000 psi device (range code 24) diaphragm and process wetted body is Inconel 625.)
Hastelloy C/ Hastelloy C/ Silicone Oil 10
Output 4 - 20 mA + HART H
Max Span/Min Span Max: 0 - 10 psi / Min: N/A 04
Max: 0 - 30 psi / Min: 0 - 0.3 psi 07
Max: 0 - 100 psi / Min: 0 - 1 psi 10
Max: 0 - 300 psi / Min: 0 - 3 psi 13
Max: 0 - 1000 psi / Min: 0 - 10 psi 16
Max: 0 - 3000 psi / Min: 0 - 30 psi 18
Max: 0 - 10,000 psi / Min: 0 - 100 psi 22
Max: 0 - 20,000 psi / Min: 0 - 200 psi
Available with process connection code 5 only and approvals options O, I, or N
Type Absolute A
Gauge (Sealed Gauge for ranges above 1000 psi) G
Process Connection G 1/2 female 1
1/2 - 14 NPT Male 2
G 1/2 Male to BS EN 837-1 (DIN 16288) 3
1/2 NPT Male 4
9/16 AE Medium Pressure tube autoclave fitting
(Process connection code 5/Autoclave fitting applies to range code 24 (0 - 20,000 psi) only.)
Electrical Entry 1/2 - 14 NPT Female N
M20 Female M
PG 13.5 Female (via Adaptor) P
Electronics Housing Aluminium Alloy 0
Stainless Steel S
Approvals FM/CSA Intrinsically Safe / Explosion Proof / Non Incendive F
Safe Area O
ATEX Intrinsically Safe I
ATEX Flameproof D
ATEX Type 'N' N
Options None O
Digital Indicator (with output code H) LH
Mounting Bracket B
DIN 3.1B Material Certificate T
Example Product
4-20mA Hart®Pressure Transmitters
Hastelloy C/ Hastelloy C/ Silicone Oil
4 - 20 mA + HART
Max: 0 - 1000 psi / Min: 0 - 10 psi
1/2 - 14 NPT Male
M20 Female
Stainless Steel
ATEX Intrinsically Safe
Digital Indicator (with output code H)
X 10 10 H 16 A 2 M S I LH
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RTX1000H Druck RTX 1000H 4-20mA HART® Pressure Transmitters Please Call
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
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