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GE Druck DPI610S-HC-3000PSIA

Intrinsically Safe Hydraulic Calibrator, Absolute, 0 to 3000 psi

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Brand: GE Druck
Model No: DPI610S-HC-3000PSIA
Our Model No: DPI610SHC3000PSIA
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Pressure range: 0 to 3000 psi (0 to 200 bar)
  • Pressure type: Absolute
  • Accuracy %FS: 0.025
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Integral combined pressure/vacuum pump
  • mA step and mA ramp outputs
  • 4 to 20 mA loop testing and fault finding capabilities
  • Internal memory for up to 10,000 values
  • Working range can easily be extended with remote pressure sensors (sold separately)
  • Dual readout: input and output
  • Priming pump: Feeds from external source
  • Shut-off valve: Open for system priming
  • Screw press: 0 to 6000 psi capability
  • Pressure port: 1/8 NPT female
  • Media: Demineralized water and most hydraulic oils
  • Process functions: Tare, maximum/minimum, filter, flow, % span

The GE Druck DPI610S-HC-3000PSIA Intrinsically Safe Hydraulic Calibrator is a self-contained, battery powered package that contains a pressure generator, fine pressure control, output measurement capabilities, as well as facilities for 4 to 20 mA loop testing and data storage. The rugged weatherproof design is styled such that the pressure pump can be operated and test leads connected without compromising the visibility of the large dual parameter display. The mA step and ramp outputs and a built-in continuity tester extend the capabilities to include the commissioning and maintenance of control loops.

Simplified Operation

Featuring a highly reliable hydraulic assembly and self-test routines, the DPI 610-HC can be relied upon time and time again for field calibration in the most extreme conditions. The DPI 610 has been designed for ease of use while meeting a wide range of application needs including calibration, maintenance and commissioning. Furthermore, as an intrinsically safe model, certified to European and North American standards for use in hazardous areas, it reduces response times to breakdowns and emergencies by removing the need for 'Hot Permits' and gas detection equipment. This gives peace of mind to all those responsible for safety within hazardous areas.

The dual parameter display shows the Input and Output values in large clear digits. A unique built-in handle provides a secure grip for on-site use in addition to a shoulder strap which is also designed to allow the instrument to be suspended for hands-free operation. Any technician can use these calibrators without formal training, such as a novice on an emergency call out, or those familiar with the DPI 601. By selecting basic mode the calibrator is configured to source pressure and measure mA or V, with all non-essential keys disabled.

Dedicated Task Menu

The dedicated task key gives direct access to the task menu. Select the required test, for example P-I for a pressure transmitter, and with a single key press, the calibrator is ready.

Use the advanced mode for custom tasks and add to the user task menu for future use.

Remote Pressure Sensors

By adding up to 10 external sensors (one at a time; sold separately) the working range of the calibrator can be extended. Modules from 1 inH2O to 10,000 psi are available to suit most applications.

As a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors, GE Druck has applied the latest silicon technology and digital compensation techniques to develop these sensors.

  • 1 - DPI610S-HC-3000PSIA IS Hydraulic Calibrator
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - Set of Test Leads
  • 1 - 8 oz Polypropylene Fluid Container
  • 1 - Priming Tube
  • 1 - User Guide
  • 1 - Calibration Certificate
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