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GE Druck PV212-10000
Hydraulic Hand Pump, 10,000 psi

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Product Information
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  • Pressure up to 10,000
  • Compatible with distilled water, alcohol or mineral oil
  • Quick priming function
  • Optional adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Large volume Pyrex™ reservoir which can be filled during operation
  • Vernier adjust for fine control
  • Quick priming and pressure generation
  • Optional pressure relief valves
  • Pressure release valve offers outstanding control for decreasing pressures
  • "Skydrol", "Fyrquel", brake fluid option available
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GE Druck PV 212

The GE Druck PV212 Series Hydraulic Hand Pump is a high quality hand pump designed to quickly and easily generate hydraulic pressures. The materials of construction make The GE Druck PV212-10k compatible with most fluid media and an optional seal kit can be supplied for many aggressive applications. The built-in vernier provides excellent control and is easy to adjust even a thigh pressures.

The dual stage pump includes a selector valve which increases the priming speed and greatly reduces the effort required to generate high pressures. An optional pressure relief valve can be supplied to provide protection to connected instruments.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
PV212-10000 Druck PV212-10K 10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump (Hand Pump Only)  Buy Now $977.00
PV212-10K-HA GE Druck PV212-10K-HA 10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump with Accessory Case  Buy Now $1,758.00
PV 212-S GE Druck PV 212-S Add Option S - Special seals for Skydrol / Fyrquel to the GE Druck PV212 Series Hydraulic Hand Pump Hand Pump  Buy Now $30.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 - User's Manual
* included accessories varies with different kits
Optional Accessories
HK15 GE Druck HK15 High Pressure Hose Kit; 15,000 psi (1000 bar) Working Pressure  Buy Now $196.00
PV212-NPT GE Druck PV212-NPT Set of NPT Adaptors  Buy Now $212.00
PV 212-HA GE Druck PV 212-HA Accessory Case for the GE Druck PV212 Series Hydraulic Hand Pump, Discontinued  Discontinued
IASA1121 GE Druck IAS-A112-1 Service Kit for the PV212-10K Discontinued