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Click for larger imageDK-Technologies PT5300HD HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator base unit

DK-Technologies PT5300HD

HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator base unit

Brand: DK-Technologies
Model No: PT5300HD
Our Model No: PT5300HD
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Master HD-SD sync generator and master clock with internal high stability reference that can be locked to the GPS receiver
  • Multi-format sync capability: 19 HD formats in addition to PAL, NTSC and standard definition SDI systems
  • Two individually timed black burst outputs (up to 6 total)
  • Four individually timed tri-level sync outputs for MSG-5300HD (up to 8 total)
  • Two AES3 audio generators with one separate word clock output
  • Six complete instrument presets are stored for easy switching between application and standards
  • Full genlock capability: 1 frame for HD; 2 fields for SDI; 4 and 8 fields for NTSC and PAL
  • GPS genlock and LTC generator option
  • SNTP server option
  • De-embedding and Synchronisation to VITC on Black burst genlock input
  • Up to 8 individually timed HD/SD-SDI test signal outputs
  • Lip sync moving element in SDI test signals synchronized to embedded audio �click�

Precision Master Sync Generator with GPS and Genlock ability

The PT5300-HD HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator is specially designed to fit into the diverse demands of today�s sync environments.In Master sync applications PT5300-HD may be controlled by the internal high precision, temperature stable XTAL oscillator, or locked to the GPS receiver. In slave applications PT5300-HD can be genlocked to PAL and NTSC video or black burst signals. All HD and SD outputs are individually time-able for synchronisation of sophisticated video installations.

The GPS sync ensures accurate video sync where ever you may be

By using the ultra high accuracy clocks in the GPS satellite systems as a reference, you are always able to lock your main studio with a broadcast van or a remote studio with no physical connection. Both the PT5300-HD Master clock reference and the LTC timecode for common video formats are kept stable and up to date by the GPS information. Once set up, the PT5300-HD simply locks to the GPS and runs hassle free from there.

Should weather parameters, vegetation or tall buildings cause a lack of GPS coverage, the PT5300-HD will fallback on its temperature stable internal oscillator as the reference clock. Once GPS contact is re-stored, the PT5300-HD will smoothly regain GPS lock with no disturbance or time jumps.

The LTC engine enables sync to both internal, GPS & VITC

The recently renewed LTC engine of the PT5300-HD allows for perfect alignment and synchronization of LTC, no matter if the primary clock source is the internal temperature stable oscillator, the high accuracy GPS signal or the de-embedded Vertically Integrated Time Code (VITC) from the Black Burst genlock input. The LTC outputs of the PT5300-HD stays on time and frame aligned.

Change-over Setup Unit Secures un-interrupted Operation

With a dual PT5300-HD setup coupled to the automatic changeover system (PT5211) the un-interrupted operation of the sync system is secured. The signals of the dual PT5300-HD are fed through the change-over unit. The change-over unit constantly monitors both PT5300-HD�s and in case of failure, seamlessly switches from one generator to the other.

The change-over unit PT5211 features bi-stable relays, meaning that even at a potential power failure, the current generator will remain selected.

  • 1 - Ethernet remote control
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