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Click for larger imageDK-Technologies PT0660M Master Stereo Display PTO660M, Base Unit with Volume Control

DK-Technologies PT0660M

Master Stereo Display PTO660M, Base Unit with Volume Control

Brand: DK-Technologies
Model No: PT0660M
Our Model No: PT0660M
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • The Peak program Meter measures level of up to 32 audio channels simultaneously.
  • 7 scales are directly selectable to conform to standard used.
  • PPM colors and headings are user programmable for easy identification.
  • Vectorscope for stereo and surround sound with unique Jelly-Fish´┐Ż display supports aural impression at a glance.
  • Multiple phase correlation meter indicates proper phasing to allow for downmix.
  • Modular choice of input modules accepting analog audio, AES3 and SD-SDI with deembedder for Audio.
  • Up to 8 analog audio outputs and 4 AES3 outputs connect via the internal matrix to any input, internal audio generator, and sum and difference amplifiers.
  • Rotary knob controls output volume for direct connection to active monitor loudspeakers.
  • 10 presets are directly accessible for fast recall of settings.
  • Choice of 1024-point FFT spectrum analyzer and 1/3-octave analyzer for display of frequency distribution of each channel over full audible range.
  • AES3 bitstream status display indicates characteristics of the digital audio signal.
  • Bright, VGA color display with adjustable backlight allows adaptation to environmental light conditions.
  • VGA output connects directly to an external monitor for remote or larger screen display.

The PT0660M Stereo and Surround Sound Meter from DK-Technologies offer PPM / VU level meter, audio vector oscilloscope, and phasemeter, as the primary tools.

The Level Meter has direct selection of 7 PPM/VU scales. All the standard scales are available including Nordic, EBU, BBC, ABC, NBC, DIN, VU, Digital and others. Each scale can be configured individually concerning overload level and reference level. Furthermore the color and width of each PPM bar can be set by the user.

The DK-Scale software program for Windows contains a large library of scales which easily can be downloaded to the meter. Modification of existing scales or designing new scales according to your own specifications are also possible with the software. For easy identification each channel can individually be named with up to 4 characters.

The oscilloscope shows the stereo image in the Lissajous-format, where a perfect stereo signal would be represented by a circular figure, or a ball, and mono would be a vertical line.

The phasemeter is of the "center-zero" type and immediately advises out-of-phase errors by pointing towards the [-1] area and changing to red color.

Surround Sound:

As surround sound becomes more and more the standard in studios nowadays, accurate audio monitoring is becoming increasingly important. DK-Technologies´┐Ż exclusive Jelly-Fish surround indicator has become the adopted standard, presenting the surround sound image in a logical and intuitive way.

The energy content of all channels is easily recognizable on the screen, and phase errors in individual vectors are immediately highlighted by a red color.

All surround sound formats are sup-ported: 4.0, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1, and even future formats may be handled by the introduction of new software.

Volume Control:

PT0660M is equipped with a rotary knob that may act as volume control for monitor loudspeakers or headphones. The volume of up to 8 audio channels can be controlled by the front plate rotary knob.

The rotary knob has further functionality. By clicking on it you enter into the matrix menu and selection of cross points is now done by turning and clicking the knob. Also in other menus the knob may be used to select parameters. The 10 preset buttons above the rotary knob recall already stored instrument settings with a single keystroke.

Compact & Modular:

The instrument is a very compact unit. Everything has been fitted into a box not much bigger than the size of a pocket-book. The PT0660M mounts conveniently in the PM5639 rack cabinet or similar, eventually next to a video waveform monitor.

The unit can be user configured by deciding the number of input and output modules that easily fits into the rear of the unit. In total it will hold 4 input modules and 4 output modules.

Signal Generator:

One of the strong points of the instrument is the built-in signal generator. It has a tone generator variable in frequency from 31 Hz to 20000 Hz, and the level in Steps of 0,1 dB.

In addition it can also generate the EBU test signal, pulse signals, and white and pink noise signals for use with the spectrum analyzers. Use the generator to turn the instrument into a powerful measurement tool for analysis of linearity and distortion.

Spectrum Analyzer:

The spectrum analyzer section has both an FFT-analyzer and a 1/3 octave analyzer. The FFT is primarily used for accurate measurements and exact identification of problem frequencies. To this end a cursor is available and level and frequency will be shown for each cursor position across the frequency range on the display.

The 1/3-octave analyzer has 30 bars, grouped in full octaves from 20 Hz to 16000 Hz. This standard tool is primarily used during recording to check the energy distribution of the signal.

A/D & D/A Converters:

All analogue input modules have high quality stereo A/D converters, and the digital inputs have sample rate converters to ensure the ability to handle asynchronous signals. The output modules have D/A converters for the analogue outputs. The instrument can be used as separate A/D and D/A converters even while you are using the metering functions on the same or other signals.

Other functions:

In the digital mode the instruments will show a Bitstream Status Display. Other features are the time code input which will synchronize to SMPTE, and a Statistical Session Report showing highest true peak, number of clippings, and number of mutes over time.

Audio Matrix:

The instrument contains a complete 32 x 16 audio matrix. It can route, in broad-cast program quality, any input to any output regardless of the number of channels installed. The x-points of the source and destination channels can be easily selected from the menu. The DK-Matrix software make the selection of x-points and several other parameters even easier. Specific instrument set-ups may be stored in any of the 11 presets for later recall.

  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 1 - VGA output
  • 1 - RS232 Communication Port
  • 1 - Mounting Bracket
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