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Click for larger imageDK-Technologies PTO7 Rack Mounted Multi touch  Audio, Loudness and Logging Meter

DK-Technologies PTO7

Rack Mounted Multi touch Audio, Loudness and Logging Meter

Brand: DK-Technologies
Model No: PTO7
Our Model No: PTO7DK
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Top Notch display with ultra wide viewing angle
  • Bargraphs or Moving Coil; Your choice of metering tool
  • JellyFish & StarFish Channel Interrelation View
  • Loudness and True Peak Logging: Document & Report
  • Clear Loudness metering & readout
  • Real time True Peak PPM
  • Compliant with major loudness standards
  • FFT Analysis: See and secure your audio from any angle
  • 7.1 Surround Viewing via StarFish 7.1
  • SDI 3G I/O, AES3 8 channel I/O, analog 2 channel Input

The DK-Technologies PTO7 high precision 7" Multi touch Audio, Loudness & Logging Metering system marks another high point in Audio and Loudness Metering. Complete with all DK-Technologies' well-known high precision metering tools as well as 3G SDI, 8 ch. AES I/O, Headphone out and more � all included from the get-go.

Post Production with PTO7

As a post production audio metering and logging tool, the DK-Technologies PTO7 stands out as one of the top choices. The integrated audio and loudness toolbox offers numerous views of the audio ranging from True Peak & Loudness and into StarFish channel interrelations as well as detailed FFT Spectrum Analysis. The DK-Technologies PTO7 allows instant compliance through Reporting, Documenting and Reviewing through its included Logging Application.

PTO7 in TV Broadcast

The DK-Technologies PTO7 fits right into todays TV Broadcast applications providing instant metering as well as detailed Logging and Reporting on True Peak as well as all relevant Loudness parameters. The 3G SDI option of the DK-Technologies PTO7 allows hasslefree connectivity, while the HDMI output enables on-screen metering displays along side the Loudness Logging Application.

View Complex Audio in Simple Ways

The highbright DK-Technologies PTO7 Touch screen may be configured from simple single information screens to holding numerous simultaneous instruments covering the many different aspects of measuring, verifying and logging audio and loudness information. Thanks to the ultra wide viewing angle, any instrument is visible from virutally any position in front of PTO7 and if that is not enough, the HDMI allows for an on screen �blow up� version of the DK-Technologies PTO7 instruments. The specific configuration of instruments is entirely up to you and may be changed at the touch of the screen.

StarFish & JellyFish Graphical Inter-channel View

DK-Technologies� well-known channel and phase tools, JellyFish and StarFish gives you the perfect graphical representation of each channel amplitude and phase relationship, making it perfect for balancing out your stereo or surround mix, as well as, spotting potential problems and errors in your signal.

FFT Spectrum Analyser: Maintain Spectral Balance

The FFT allows you to always confirm that the spectral balance of your source signal is correct. Additionally, the FFT comes in very handy as a tool of identifying and homing in on problem signals i.e. background rumble, HF test tones etc. The unique frequency zoom function, enables extreme precision check of every single filter of the FFT.

Loudness Industry Standards Compliance

The DK-Technologies PTO7 adheres to all of the loudness industry standards i.e. BS 1770-3, R128, A/85, ARIB etc.

Loudness Logging & Reporting

The included Logging Application (PC) enables detailed logging and reporting of any loudness as well as True Peak events. The Loudness measures are tracked and instantly stored to a local database. Any Logging session and Report may be searched, analysed and graphically displayed for further investigation at any point in time. Data may be exported as PDF or CSV files for further data treatment. Overall, the Logging Application makes up the perfect background tool allowing the user full hindsight on every session.

Metering Styles & Ballistics

The DK-Technologies PTO7 offers the choice of Bargraphs or Moving Coil emulation whether it comes to Peak or Loudness metering, allowing the user to view their audio in the way that fits you best. The DK-Technologies DK-T7 flexibility in setup is unrivaled and not only features custom metering styles, scales and instrument combinations, but also allows complete customization of touch buttons, enabling the user to tailor the exact controls that you want at hand during their work.

3G SDI Picture Preview

The Confidence monitor feature allows the user to check the incoming SD, HD or 3G SDI picture in an instant. With the push of a button, the DK-Technologies PTO7 instantly turns into a mini video confidence monitor along side the on-going metering and Logging facilities. The Picture Preview window may be dragged, re-sized and placed in any positioned exactly where you see it fit.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(2.6 MB)
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