Desco 50005
Concentric Ring Probe

  • The 50005 Concentric Ring Probe is an instrument to be used in conjunction with a resistance meter, such as the 19787 Digital Surface Resistance Meter, to measure surface resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 the test method listed in Packaging standard ANSI/ESD S541 for surface resistance of planar materials
  • Measures the volume resistance of planar materials using a flat conductive metal plate (not included).
  • Used for the resistance measurements of ESD packaging including static shielding and other bags.
  • Compatible with the following Surface Resistance Meters:19787 Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit 19788 Digital Surface Resistance Meter 19784 Analog Surface Resistance Meter Kit 19786 Analog Surface Resistance Meter 19640 Surface Resistance Checker
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