Desco 19233
Dual Continuous Monitor, Split Remote Satellites 220V

  • Control Unit LEDs indicate proper grounding of two mats and two operators; allows mounting Control Unit at eye level, not using any work surface area; illuminated LEDs continuously display grounding status
  • Two Satellite Remote Monitors include monitored wrist strap ground, parking stud, and unmonitored ground for guest or equipment; versatile design allowing placement where desired up to 7 feet from control unit. Red LED will illuminate, but audio alarm will not sound when wrist strap coil cord is snapped on parking stud.
  • Can be used with any brand single-wire wrist strap
  • Wave Distortion Technology provides real-time monitoring; pays for itself - ensures ESD protected workstation, reducing catastrophic failures and latent defects
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Dual Station Continuous Monitor for 2 Operators and 2 Work Surfaces Continuously monitors the integrity of both operators and ESD workstations, eliminating the need for periodic testing and recording. Ideal for adjacent workstations for assembly, test, packaging, or other applications

Made in the USA

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19233 Desco 19233 Monitor, Dual OPERATOR,WithSPLIT REMOTE MODULES 220VAC Discontinued
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19235 Desco 19235 SATELLITE, Replacement, FORDual OPERATOR Monitor Discontinued
see: 19248
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