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Desco 60500
Chargebuster Jr. Ionizer

  • Compact auto-balanced 60-77 CFM adjustable output air flow
  • Emitter replacement cassettes and removable back grill
  • Active balancing system with audible and visual alarm
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Multi-mount stainless steel stand
  • Grounding jack
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Product Information
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The Desco Chargebuster Jr. H/O ionizer is a compact and lightweight auto-balancing bench top ionizer with our patented emitter cassette that slides out for easy cleaning and replacement. The Chargebuster Jr.’s unique active feedback balancing circuit automatically ensures and maintains the unit’s ion balance despite variations in line voltage, air speed, or emitter electrode condition. The unit’s compact, efficient design minimizes bench top space requirements and need for maintenance, while maximizing neutralization efficiency and overall performance

Made in the USA

Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
60500 Desco 60500 Chargebuster Jr Ionizer With Cassette, 120VAC  Buy Now Sale $596.95
(Reg. $612.14)
Alternate Model
60501 Desco 60501 Chargebuster Jr Ionizer With Cassette, 120VAC, With Heater  Buy Now Sale $818.95
(Reg. $839.77)
Included Items
  • 1 - NIST calibraion certificate
  • 1 - User Manual
Optional Accessories
60460 Desco 60460 ARM,ADJUSTABLE, UNIVERSAL Discontinued
60480 Desco 60480 EMITTER CASSETTE, Replacement  Buy Now Sale $92.95
(Reg. $94.12)
60499 Desco 60499 EMITTER PIN, CE Ionizer, PACK OF 20  Buy Now Sale $60.95
(Reg. $62.29)
60455 Desco 60455 FILTER, Replacement, METAL, Ionizer JR  Buy Now Sale $5.95
(Reg. $6.57)
19440 Desco 19440 Test Kit Upgrade, PORTABLE, for Ionizers  Buy Now Sale $697.95
(Reg. $716.06)