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Desco 73870 - 73879
ESD Control Smocks
Statshield Jacket with Knitted Cuffs - Camouflage

  • Groundable Static Control Garment System Tested Per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 (RTG < 3.5 X 10E7) Requirements
  • Conductive knitted cuff with Hip-To-Cuff grounding. Allows operator to connect coil cord to snap to the hip of the smock for “hands-free” grounding, keeping the coil cord out of the workstation.
  • Minimum of 9% carbon conductive nylon fibers woven in chain-link design
  • Creates Faraday cage effect around torso and arms of operator
  • 2-Year/100 Launderings limited warranty
  • Extended lifetime of garment will maintain its electrical and ESD properties
  • Includes pen and badge holders
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Desco 73873 Shown

Product Information
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Made in the USA
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
73870 X-Small: Desco 73870 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, XSMALL Discontinued
73871 Small: Desco 73871 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, SMALL  Discontinued
73872 Medium: Desco 73872 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, MEDIUM  Discontinued
73873 Large: Desco 73873 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, LARGE  Discontinued
73875 2X-Large: Desco 73875 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, 2XLARGE  Discontinued
73876 3X-Large: Desco 73876 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, 3XLARGE  Discontinued
73877 4X-Large: Desco 73877 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, 4XLARGE  Discontinued
73878 5X-Large: Desco 73878 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, 5XLARGE  Discontinued
73879 6X-Large: Desco 73879 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, 6XLARGE  Discontinued
Obsolete Products
73874 X-Large: Desco 73874 STATSHIELD,Jacket,Cuffs,CAMOUFLAGE, XLARGE  Discontinued
Included Items
  • 1 - User Manual
Optional Accessories
07300 Desco 07300 ESD BADGE HOLDER, CLIP-ON,VERT, 2-11/16INx3-11/16IN,10/PK  Buy Now
07301 Desco 07301 ESD BADGE HOLDER,CLIP-ON,HORIZ, 3-7/8INx3-11/16IN, 10/PK  Buy Now
07302 Desco 07302 ESD BADGE HOLDER,CLIP-ON,HORIZ, 4-1/4INx2-15/16IN, 10/PK  Buy Now
07303 Desco 07303 ESD BADGE HOLDER,CLIP-ON,HORIZ, 4-5/16INx3-3/8IN, 10/PK  Buy Now
07304 Desco 07304 ESD BADGE HOLDER, PROXIMITY,VERT, 2-11/16INx4-3/8IN, 10/PK  Buy Now
07305 Desco 07305 ESD BADGE HOLDER, PROXIMITY,HORIZ,3-15/16INx3-1/16IN,10/PK  Buy Now