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TED Depot Deal WES51-902109-2460400027-DD

Analog Soldering Station with Magnifier Workbench Lamp and 1 lb Flux-Cored Solder

Brand: TED Depot Deal
Model No: WES51-902109-2460400027-DD
Our Model No: WES519021092460400027DD
Condition: NEW
Sale $160.95

Product Features:

WES51 Features:

  • Includes WES series power unit, PES51 soldering pencil, PH50 stand, sponge and PW50 probe
  • WES51 power unit, PES51 soldering pencil, PH50 stand, sponge and PW50 probe
  • Slim, comfortable pencil, with ETA tip, reduces operator fatigue
  • Tip temperature offset capability
  • Iron is fitted with a non-burnable silicon rubber cord for safety
  • UL and cUL listed
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components

902109 Features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • All magnifying glasses made from actual glass
  • Bright, long-lived light Fluorescent Tube (excluding 902-240)

2460400027 Features:

  • The 24-6040-0027 is a Solder Wire, Sn60+Pb40 Alloy. Rosin 44 is a high activity RA core flux designed for excellent instant wetting action, even on Nickel surfaces. Although 44 is a RA-based material, the residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned.

WES51 Description:
The new, innovative WES51 is an ideal station for continuous production soldering, and its economical price makes it a good station for occasional users. ESD Static sensitive grounded slim profile iron accepts the new miniature tips for surface mount sol

902109 Description:
Latches onto a desk with the use of the clamp at one end as thick as 65mm thick. An energy efficient 22W T5 Circular Fluorescent tube Lamp provides a steady, shadow-less light source. The built in springs make it easily adjustable and easier positioning. A flipable Protective lens cover blocks the 2.25x magnifying glass when not in use.

2460400027 Description:
.031" Wire Diameter Sn60Pb40 (60% Tin / 40% Lead) Alloy 361-374°F (183-190°C) Melting Range RA Core flux type Core Size of 66, 1 lb Spool size 3 year shelf life from DOM

  • 1 x WES51
  • 1 x 902109
  • 1 x 2460400027
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