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TED Depot Deal FX888D-902109-2460400027-DD

ESD-Safe Digital Soldering Station with Magnifier Workbench Lamp and 1 lb Flux-Cored Solder

Brand: TED Depot Deal
Model No: FX888D-902109-2460400027-DD
Our Model No: FX888D9021092460400027DD
Condition: NEW
Sale $159.95

Product Features:

FX888D Features:

  • Compact unit; takes up little space on the workbench
  • Soldering iron has a thin grip for easier use
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Rapid 30 second heat-up
  • Fast thermal recovery
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Dial turn temperature adjustment
  • User selectable preset temperatures
  • Unit offers password protection
  • ESD-safe; Low temperature alarm provides process control

902109 Features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • All magnifying glasses made from actual glass
  • Bright, long-lived light Fluorescent Tube (excluding 902-240)

2460400027 Features:

  • The 24-6040-0027 is a Solder Wire, Sn60+Pb40 Alloy. Rosin 44 is a high activity RA core flux designed for excellent instant wetting action, even on Nickel surfaces. Although 44 is a RA-based material, the residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned.

FX888D Description:
The Hakko FX-888 is an inexpensive yet durable temperature adjustable soldering station that provides more power and takes up less bench space than its predecessor (Hakko 936). The added power of the FX-888 provides up to a 30% increase in operator productivity due to the increased thermal performance and faster thermal recovery time. Today, workbench space is at a premium, and the FX-888 uses approximately 35% less surface area compared to the Hakko 936.

902109 Description:
Latches onto a desk with the use of the clamp at one end as thick as 65mm thick. An energy efficient 22W T5 Circular Fluorescent tube Lamp provides a steady, shadow-less light source. The built in springs make it easily adjustable and easier positioning. A flipable Protective lens cover blocks the 2.25x magnifying glass when not in use.

2460400027 Description:
.031" Wire Diameter Sn60Pb40 (60% Tin / 40% Lead) Alloy 361-374°F (183-190°C) Melting Range RA Core flux type Core Size of 66, 1 lb Spool size 3 year shelf life from DOM

  • 1 x FX888D
  • 1 x 902109
  • 1 x 2460400027
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