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ByteBrothers CPK 1000
Cable and Power Test Kits
See: CPK1000IL2

  • Real World Certifier features:
    • Cable Category CAT 3,5,5E,6
    • Speed testing 10MB, 100MB, 1000MB
    • Data levels of real live data (from any device)
    • Length (real TDR) Propagation delay and skew
    • Splits, opens, shorts, wire map
    • Network device testing including inline
  • Power Panel features (standard model):
    • Scans pins and displays
    • PoE power: Volts, watts, cable pair location, end/midspan
    • Advertised data switch speed (10, 100, 1000 MB/s), duplex
    • VoIP phone and IP camera load simulator
    • Link pulse transmit button
    • Tone generation
    • Port beacon, auto shutoff
  • Power Panel features (power sensing inline model):
    • Two jacks allow PoE power two be passed to the PoE device so it can be tested
    • Placed inline between two devices, the power draw of the device can be measured in watts
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ByteBrothers CTX590 Shown

If you need serious cable testing of UTP CAT 5/6 cable and also work around cat 5/6 cable that is energized this combination kit is for you. The CPK 1000 Cable and Power Test Kit combine the high performance Real World Certifier (with 250 report storage) with a Power Panel Cat 5/6 DVM (standard or inline models) at a terrific savings. This kit is everything that you need to thoroughly test cables and devices plus determine exactly what is on your CAT5/6 network. And, if you work with PoE, you can test for voltage and operation of your PoE voltage source.
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Model Description Buy Online Price
CPK1000 ByteBrothers CPK1000 Cable and Power Test Kit  Discontinued
See: CPK1000IL2
CPK1000IL ByteBrothers CPK1000IL Cable and Power Test Kit, Inline  Discontinued
See: CPK1000IL2
Included Items
  • 1 - User Manual