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BK Precision 4085

40 MHz Programmable DDS Function Generator

Brand: BK Precision
Model No: 4085
Our Model No: 4085
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Frequency range of 1µHz to 40MHz for sine and square Clean and stable output of very small signals down to the 1mV to 10mV range (50 ohm)
  • Support of internal and external modulation sources as well as internal, external and gated trigger sources
  • Convenient data input via numeric keypad or knob
  • Adjust modulation parameters precisely and over a wide range
  • Fully programmable via the standard RS232 interface using SCPI compatible commands
  • 100 MHz Universal Counter with frequency measurement and totalize function

The BK Precision Model 4085 is a versatile, laboratory grade synthesized function generator. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques are used to create stable, accurate output signals for all 27 built-in standard and complex (arbitrary) waveforms. The generator produces high purity, low distortion sine waves and provides a full suite of analog modulation capabilities including AM, FM, FSK, PSK, pulse modulation, burst mode and linear/logarithmic sweep combined with multiple trigger modes. The Model 4085’s versatility and capabilities make it an ideal tool for many general-purpose test and bench applications or for use in Training and Education.

  • 1 - BNC to Alligator Cable
  • 1 - BNC to BNC Cable
  • 1 - RS232 communication cable
  • 1 - Power line cord
  • 1 - Spare Fuse
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
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BK Precision 4085 Programmable DDS<br>Function Generator
BK Precision 4085
Programmable DDS
Function Generator
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (135 KB)
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