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BK Precision XLN60026

600V/2.6A High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies

Brand: BK Precision
Model No: XLN60026
Our Model No: XLN60026
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Compact, high density, 1U package
  • USB Interface (GPIB/LAN Optional)
  • External analog programming interface
  • Easy to configure master/slave mode for series & parallel connection of up to 4 units
  • List mode for executing up to 150 step test sequences from instrument memory
  • Fast command processing time <50 ms
  • Programmable Voltage and Current slew rate allow for soft starting of loads
  • Built-in precise voltage and current measurements
  • Internal memory stores up to 10 different instruments settings
  • Extensive protection features: OVP, OCP, OPP, and Key-lock function
  • Control up to 31 XLN power supplies from one PC via the RS485 Cable
  • 100 - 240V Universal AC Input with power factor correction
  • Timer-controlled output (1s to 100hr)
  • LabView Drivers Available

The BK Precision XLN60026 300V / 5.2A High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies are compact, programmable, single-output DC power supplies, suitable for a wide range of applications. Comparable supplies from other manufacturers primarily address the ATE market only, while the XLN series are designed for both bench-top users and system integrators.

For bench top applications, The BK Precision XLN60026 high Voltage Programmable DC power supply offer built-in voltage and current meters displaying setting and output values concurrently, as well as an intuitive user interface with full keypad and rotary knob.

Free application software is available to provide remote control capabilities without the need for any computer programming. Standard USB & RS485 and optional GPIB & LAN interfaces combined with fast average command processing times of less than 50 ms make the XLN series ideal for ATE applications. The BK Precision XLN series support SCPI IEEE488.2 and come with LabVIEW drivers.

Test Sequence Execution in List Mode

The list mode feature of the BK Precision XLN 30052 allows users to download a list of commands to the power supply’s internal memory and execute them. A total of 150 steps can be allocated to each internal memory location, up to a maximum of 10 locations. The test sequence can be programmed remotely via the USB, GPIB or LAN interfaces using SCPI commands or with the included application software. The test sequence can be configured for one time or repeated execution. Each step settings include voltage, current, and duration of the step (50 ms minimum).

External Analog Programming Interface

In addition to front panel or remote interface control, voltage and current values can also be programmed on the BK Precision XLN-60026 with an analog control signal.

The power supplies can be externally controlled from zero to full scale by either an analog voltage source (0-5V/0-10V selectable) or resistance ( 0-5kΩ all models, 0-5kΩ/0-10 kΩ selectable for high voltage models). High voltage models also provide additional functions such as the ability to monitor the output voltage/ current and indicate the regulation mode (CC or CV) and fault alarms.

Application Software

Included with the BK Precision XLN60026 power supply is PC software for creating test sequences for execution in list mode via the GPIB or USB interface.

Master/Slave Operation

The BK Precision XLN60026 supports parallel output configuration. Multiple units can be connected to operate in master or slave mode to control all connected units simultaneously. The RS485 interface is used for communication between the master and slave(s). Once configured, the master will automatically search for and detect slave units and then display the voltage and current of the complete system.

Web Server Interface

The BK Precision XLN series power supplies with GPIB/LAN interfaces provide a built-in web server. This allows users to configure, control, or monitor the basic settings of the power supply from a remote computer using a web browser.

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Terminal Block for Rapid Plug Connector
  • 1 - Rackmount Kit
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
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