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BK Precision 9174B-EXD

Dual Output Programmable Dual-Range DC Power Supply, 35V/70V, 3A/1.5A, 210W, 230V AC

Brand: BK Precision
Model No: 9174B-EXD
Our Model No: 9174BEXD
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 230 AC Voltage Input
  • 210W dual output power
  • Exceptionally low ripple and noise
  • Dual range output with automatic range selection
  • Front and rear panel output terminals for convenient wiring
  • Rear remote sense terminal
  • List mode for executing up to 10 stored test sequences with a maximum of 150 steps in total
  • Store and recall up to 10 power settings
  • Overvoltage (OVP) and overcurrent (OCP) protection, including key-lock function
  • Fast transient response time of less than 50 microseconds
  • Exceptionally fast command processing time, less than 10 ms, greatly reduces overall test time
  • Programmable voltage and current slew rates
  • Convenient voltage and current calibration via front panel
  • Unique LED test modes for minimizing inrush current
  • SCPI compliant USB standard interface
  • 4 optional types of modular interface cards add LAN and GPIB, Dual channel digital I/O and analog control, RS485, or RS232 functionality
  • Application software available for remote control
  • LabVIEW (TM) drivers available

The BK Precision 9174BEXD Dual-Range DC Power Supply offers industry leading performance, designed to meet the most demanding applications in research and design, design verification, and production test. The 9174BEXD delivers clean, stable and precise output power due to its exceptionally low ripple and noise, low temperature coefficient, excellent regulation, and fast transient response time characteristics. The 9174BEXD Dual-Range DC Power Supply is well suited for both bench use and ATE applications. For bench use, the 9174BEXD offers an intuitive user interface with a full numerical keypad for convenient data entry. Free application software is available for remote control without the need for any computer programming. USB and optional GPIB/LAN interfaces combined with a fast transient response and command processing time, make the 9174BEXD ideal for ATE applications. The 9174BEXD Dual-Range DC Power Supply additional offers unique features not typically found in other power sources on the market, such as versatile LED test modes, modular interface card slots, automatic range selection, and an optional 8-bit bidirectional digital I/O interface. To protect the device under test (DUT), the 9174BEXD Dual-Range DC Power Supply provides safety options such as OVP, OCP, and a key-lock feature to prevent accidental change of parameters that might damage the DUT.

  • 1 - Dual Channel DC Power Supply
  • 1 - AC Power Cord
  • 1 - USB Cable (Type A to B)
  • 1 - Line Fuse
  • 1 - User Manual
  • 1 - Certificate of Calibration
  • 1 - Test Report
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