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BK Precision MDL002-EXD

Mainframe Extension for Modular Programmable DC Electronic Load (220V Ver.)

Brand: BK Precision
Model No: MDL002-EXD
Our Model No: MDL002EXD
Condition: NEW
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Sale $1,087.50

Product Features:

  • 220V Version
  • Mainframe extension for the MDL001 Modular Programmable DC Electronic Load Mainframe
  • Extends the MDL001's support for 8 channels to 16 channels
  • Power range up to 4800 W
  • Modules are sold separately

The BK Precision MDL002EXD 220V Mainframe Extension is designed as a companion to the MDL001 Modular Programmable Load system. The MDL Series is a multi-channel modular programmable electronic load system, with extensions allowing greater power and more room for modules. Six different modules of programmable DC loads ranging in power from 200 W to 600 W provide users the flexibility to test a wide range of power sources from multi-output AC/DC power supplies to batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaic arrays. The mainframe extension has four slots that can be configured with any assortment of the modules up to 4800 W total with extension. The high-performance electronic load modules of the MDL Series are capable of operating in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CW), and constant impedance (CZ) mode, which uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads and realistic loading behavior. All panel operation and programming functions are carried out on the MDL001 mainframe panel. A wide range of dynamic loading applications can be simulated through user-programmable slew rates, load levels, duration, and conducting voltage.

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Mainframe Extension Cable
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
Model Description Buy Now Price
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MDL252 BK Precision MDL252 Two Channel Load Module, 80V/20A/250W/50W Add to Cart
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MDL305 BK Precision MDL305 Single Channel Load Module, 500V/20A/300W Add to Cart
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MDL400 BK Precision MDL400 Single Channel Load Module, 80V/60A/400W Add to Cart
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MDL505 BK Precision MDL505 Single Channel Load Module, 500V/30A/500W Add to Cart
Sale $2,375.75
MDL600 BK Precision MDL600 Single Channel Load Module, 80V/120A/600W Add to Cart
Sale $2,052.75
MDL Series Modular DC Electronic Load
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (2.09 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (2.62 MB)
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