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BK Precision PR 26M

Magnetic Field Probe for Model 2650

Brand: BK Precision
Model No: PR 26M
Our Model No: PR26M
Condition: NEW
PR 26M
Sale $3,828.95

Product Features:

  • The model 2650 is capable of precisely measuring the magnetic field distribution on a LSI or a printed circuit board using magnetic field probe PR 26M
  • As the magnetic field detection portion of PR 26M is of a shielded loop structure that adopts glass ceramic multi-layer board technology of excellent high frequency characteristics, it is possible to take a measurement at high reproducibility by detecting magnetic field components only
  • The measuring frequency range is a broad as 10MHz to 3GHz, and the measured value is calibrated in the instrument.

BK Precision The PR26M Magnetic Field Probe can measure over a wide frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Since the probe's compensation data is already preloaded into the analyzer, the magnetic field strength is displayed directly in dBuA/m. The BK Precision PR 26M Magnetic Field Probe comes with a SMA (female) to M (male) between-series adapter.

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