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Besantek BST-AFM06

5 in 1 Environmental Meter, CFM/CMM Anemometer, Humidity, Light, and Type K

Brand: Besantek
Model No: BST-AFM06
Our Model No: BSTAFM06
Condition: NEW
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Sale $161.49

Key Features:

  • High Sensitive Sensor with Fast Response and High Accuracy.
  • Multipurpose Meter measures Flow Speed,Volume Flow, Light , Humidity,Temperature andChill Temperature.
  • F/ C selectable by pressing button on the front panel.
  • Lux/Feet-candle selectable by pressing buttonon the frontpanel.
  • Air velocity measuring units selectable by pressing button on the front panel for ve kinds of units.
  • Air ow ( CFM. CMM ) measurement can set thedesired area dimension.
  • 2Multi channel display for relative humidity and temperature measured values or air velocity and temperature measured values at the same time.
  • Zero button design makes light meter calibration.Hold function to freeze the current reading value.

The BESANTEK BST-AFM06 CFM/CMM Anemometer , Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Type K Thermometer Designed to Measure Air Velocity, Air Flow, Light, Humidity,Temperature and Chill Temperature as Practical Handheld. BST-AFM05 has been Applied to HVAC, Paint / Facilities Maintenance, Environmental Laboratories, etc.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(406.82 KB)
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