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Besantek BST-HVD18

Non-Contact Voltage Detector, 2 Range: 50 V to 1.5 kV / 1.5 kV to 132 kV

Status: Not Available
Brand: Besantek
Model No: BST-HVD18
Our Model No: BSTHVD18
Condition: NEW

Key Features:

  • 2 ranges for selection : LOW 50V~1.5kV AC HIGH 1.5kV~132kV AC.
  • There is no power consumption in off mode : 0uA.
  • Nice mechanical slide switch for function selection : HIGH / OFF / LOW
  • The power consumption in low voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA.
  • The power consumption in high voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA.
  • Bright LED and audible alarm sound when voltage is present.
  • Power source : 9V battery × 1
  • Light weight, robust and compact.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Users have to use the Hot Stick when test high voltages between 1.5kV~132kV.


  • Non-contact detection of live voltages.
  • Find faults in cables.
  • Check and detect live high voltage cables.
  • Trace live wires.
  • Check high frequency radiation.
  • Check grounding equipment.
  • Detect residual or induced voltages.
Model Description Buy Now Price
BST-HVD20-3 Besantek BST-HVD20-3 Telescopic Hot Stick, 3-Section, 1.48m Retracted to 3.82m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $469.19
BST-HVD20-4 Besantek BST-HVD20-4 Telescopic Hot Stick, 4-Section, 1.53m Retracted to 5.10m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $611.99
BST-HVD20-5 Besantek BST-HVD20-5 Telescopic Hot Stick, 5-Section, 1.58m Retracted to 6.42m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $816.84
BST-HVD20-6 Besantek BST-HVD20-6 Telescopic Hot Stick, 6-Section, 1.63m Retracted to 7.78m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $1,009.79
BST-HVD20-7 Besantek BST-HVD20-7 Telescopic Hot Stick, 7-Section, 1.68m Retracted to 9.18m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $1,058.24
BST-HVD20-8 Besantek BST-HVD20-8 Telescopic Hot Stick, 8-Section, 1.73m Retracted to 10.62m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $1,269.89
BST-HVD20-9 Besantek BST-HVD20-9 Telescopic Hot Stick, 9-Section, 1.78m Retracted to 12.09m Extended Add to Cart
Sale $1,481.54
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