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Benchmark Scientific BV1000

BenchMixer Vortexer, Q-drive balancing, 200 to 3200 rpm, 115V

Brand: Benchmark Scientific
Model No: BV1000
Our Model No: BV1000
Condition: NEW
Sale $199.75
  • Powerful motor for Instant vortexing
  • Continuous or "touch" operation
  • Q-Drive dynamic balancing system
  • Variable speed from 200 to 3200 rpm
  • Wide variety of accessories

The Benchmark Scientific BV1000 BenchMixer sets the new standard in vortex mixing. With advanced Q-Drive™ technology, the BV-1000 provides smooth instant vortexing of even the largest sample sizes, including full 50ml tubes. The BV 1000 Benchmixer has a unique counter-balance system creates maximum vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration. This results in quieter, more efficient and longer lasting operation. Other features include the "no-walk" suction feet, cold room/incubator compatibility and spill-proof electronic controls.

Model Description Buy Now Price
BV1000-FLAT Benchmark Scientific BV1000-FLAT Vortexer Flat head, vortex mixer Add to Cart
Sale $23.80
BV1000-COMBO Benchmark Scientific BV1000-COMBO Combination head Add to Cart
Sale $41.65
BV1000-H15 Benchmark Scientific BV1000-H15 Horizontal head, for 12 x 1.5ml, vortex mixer Add to Cart
Sale $72.25
BV1000-H150 Benchmark Scientific BV1000-H150 Horizontal head, for 4 x 15ml, vortex mixer Add to Cart
Sale $72.25
BV1000-H500 Benchmark Scientific BV1000-H500 Horizontal head, for 2 x 50ml, vortex mixer Add to Cart
Sale $72.25
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