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Benchmark Scientific PR2100-C-25

Accuris qMAX cDNA Synthesis Kit,
25 x 20µl Reactions

Brand: Benchmark Scientific
Model No: PR2100-C-25
Our Model No: PR2100C25
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Rapidly generates high quality qPCR-ready cDNA
  • Provides unbiased, complete sequence representation
  • Thermostable qMax RT with RNase inhibitor allows for reactions at high temperature
  • Optimized for use across a wide dynamic range
  • Two-tube format allows for easy reaction set up
  • Reactions (20μl volume): 25

The Benchmark Scientific PR2100-C-25 Accuris qMAX cDNA Synthesis Kit provides a quick, accurate and reproducible way to obtain high quality cDNA with a complete sequence representation for 4pg to 2µg of total RNA or mRNA.

The centerpiece of the qMax cDNA Synthesis Kit is qMax RT - a thermostable reverse transcriptase that allows reactions to be carried out at higher temperatures, thus eliminating the problems created by secondary structure in the RNA. A potent RNase inhibitor maintains integrity of the starting material. Unbiased representation and synthesis are ensured by a precise mix of anchored oligo (dT) and hexamer primers in the 5X buffer system. Buffer and enzyme are supplied in separate tubes to allow for negative control reactions. The PR2100-C-25 Accuris qMAX qPCR mix is the ideal partner for quantitative PCR of cDNA.

Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (643 KB)
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