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Benchmark Scientific BT300

Orbi-Shaker JR with rubber mat platform (9.5"x8"), 100-240V (US Plug)

Brand: Benchmark Scientific
Model No: BT300
Our Model No: BT300
Condition: NEW
Sale $730.15
  • Digital speed control up to 300 rpm
  • Horizontally circular 19 mm orbit for aeration and mixing
  • Extremely compact, perfect for low to medium capacity applications
  • Instantly exchange flask clamps with Magic Clamp accessories

Modeled after the popular Orbi-Shaker, the Benchmark Scientific BT300 Orbi-Shaker JR. is a "mini-sized" replica, designed for smaller capacity applications and laboratories where bench space is at a premium. The BT-300 Orbi-Shaker Jr. includes a 9.5 x 8" platform that mixes at a 19mm orbit, perfect for thorough mixing and aeration in Erlenmeyer flasks. An optional MAGic Clamp™ platform is available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique magnetic attachment method is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes.

Model Description Buy Now Price
H1000-MR Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR MAGic Clamp universal platform for flasks & tube racks (11x9.5in) Add to Cart
Sale $177.65
H1000-MR-50 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-50 MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 50ml Erlenmeyer (max. 20) Add to Cart
Sale $21.25
H1000-MR-125 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-125 MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 125ml Erlenmeyer (max. 12) Add to Cart
Sale $23.37
H1000-MR-250 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-250 MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 250ml Erlenmeyer (max. 8) Add to Cart
Sale $25.07
H1000-MR-500 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-500 MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 500ml Erlenmeyer (max. 6) Add to Cart
Sale $26.35
H1000-MR-1000 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-1000 MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 1000ml Erlenmeyer (max. 4) Add to Cart
Sale $40.80
H1000-MR-T15 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-T15 MAGic Clamp Tube Rack, 32x15ml, Tubes (max.2) Add to Cart
Sale $109.65
H1000-MR-T50 Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR-T50 MAGic Clamp Tube Rack, 15x50ml, Tubes (max. 2) Add to Cart
Sale $109.65
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