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Benchmark Scientific D1000-E

D1000 Handheld Homogenizer, 230V EU Plug

Brand: Benchmark Scientific
Model No: D1000-E
Our Model No: D1000E
Condition: NEW
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Sale $849.15
  • Includes a 230 Volt EU plug
  • Homogenize most samples in under 30 seconds
  • For volumes from 100 µl to 250 ml
  • Supplied with both 5 mm and 7 mm generator probes

Benchmark's hand-held homogenizer, the D1000-E Handheld Homogenizer, is designed to rapidly homogenize, emulsify, suspend and disrupt biological samples. Ideal for use with microtubes, the homogenizer works well with samples from 0.1 ml to 250 ml (depending upon the generator probe used). The D-1000-E is a rotor stator homogenizer, and works by drawing the sample, in liquid, into the generator probe with the variable speed rotor, and then forcing it out through the slots in the stator. This achieves mechanical shearing of the sample. As the sample is repeatedly drawn up and forced through the stator, additional shearing takes place. Most samples are completely homogenized in 30 seconds are less. A powerful, 130W motor drives the rotor at speeds from 8,500 to 30,000 rpm. Speed is adjustable in six steps to meet sample processing needs. A separate on/off switch allows the homogenizer to be left at the appropriate setting. Generator probes are available in four sizes for the D 1000 E. The 5mm and 7mm diameter have a 50mm length for use with samples in microtubes. The 10 mm x 115 mm is ideal for use with 15 and 50ml tubes and 14 mm x 130 mm, for 50 ml tubes and vessels up to 250 ml. The unit is supplied with one each of the 5mm and 7mm generator probes. All the generator probes are made of stainless steel and can be sterilized by autoclaving. This model uses a 230 V EU plug for its power source.

  • 1 - User Manual
  • 1 - 5 mm flat bottom probe
  • 1 - 7 mm saw tooth probe
  • 1 - 230 V EU power plug
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D1000-M5 Benchmark Scientific D1000-M5 Replacement generator pack, 5mm x 50mm for microTubes, pack of 5 Add to Cart
Sale $420.75
D1000-M7 Benchmark Scientific D1000-M7 Replacement generator pack, 7mm x 50mm saw tooth for microTubes, 5 Pak Add to Cart
Sale $446.25
D1000-M10 Benchmark Scientific D1000-M10 Optional generator, 10mm x 115mm saw tooth for 15ml & 50ml Tubes Add to Cart
Sale $250.75
D1000-M14 Benchmark Scientific D1000-M14 Optional generator, 14mm x 130mm saw tooth for 50ml Tubes up to 250ml Add to Cart
Sale $752.25
D1000-ST Benchmark Scientific D1000-ST Stand for D1000 Add to Cart
Sale $335.75
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