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Benchmark Scientific E4000-AC

Accuris Two Position Amber Filter Cover

Brand: Benchmark Scientific
Model No: E4000-AC
Our Model No: E4000AC
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Cover can be placed at a 60 degree angle to provide easy access to the gel for band excision
  • For the E4000 SmartBlue transilluminator
  • Filters out blue light

The Benchmark Scientific E4000-AC Accuris SmartBlue transilluminator requires no special shielding, however, the light does need to be filtered for visualization of the dyes. The amber cover, which rests above the viewing surface and gel, filters out the blue light, allowing the bands to be seen clearly. The E4000AC cover can be placed at a 60ยบ angle to provide easy access to the gel for band excision. For documentation, the filter cover is easily removed completely.

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