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Aven 26700-102-35

Micro Zoom Series 640 PK5 Video Inspection System with Coaxial Illumination, Color HD Camera, Post Stand, LCD Monitor

Brand: Aven
Model No: 26700-102-35
Our Model No: 2670010235
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Inline LED coaxial illumination helps reduce glare when inspecting shiny and reflective parts
  • Infinity optical design provides large depth of field and zoom ratio
  • Parfocal throughout zoom range
  • Detents allow lens to be calibrated for measurement repeatability
  • Color HD camera includes movable and switchable crosshairs for quick gauging
  • On-screen menu provides easy access to camera settings, including color, contrast, and white balance
  • Rack and pinion focus mount allows for coarse and fine focus adjustment
  • 22-inch HD LCD monitor produces magnification range of 39x to 263x
  • Heavy-duty post stand with complete metal construction ensures durability

The Aven Tools 26700-102-35 Micro Zoom Series 640 PK5 Video Inspection System features a broad magnification range and inline LED coaxial illumination. The zoom lens with detents is parfocal, allowing viewed objects to stay in focus when switching from low to high magnification. A PC is not required for image processing.

The system includes a 22-inch monitor that produces a magnification range of 39x to 263x. The Inline LED coaxial illumination is ideal for applications involving highly reflective surfaces, such as wafers, polished parts, and fluids. The lens system will provide an even illumination in high magnification applications, resulting in crisp and clear images.

Lens System Micro Lens 640 (0.6x to 4x) with inline coaxial LED illumination and detents,
1x coupler, 1x objective lens
Illumination Inline LED illumination
Camera HD 1080p with HDMI output and USB stick
Stand Heavy Duty Post Stand
On Screen Magnification 39x to 263x
Working Distance 82 mm
Field of View 6 x 8 to 0.9 x 1.2 mm
  • 1 - Micro Lens 640 with Inline Coaxial Illumination (26700-151-CX)
  • 1 - Focus Mount (26800B-517)
  • 1 - Adapter Plate (26700-151AP)
  • 1 - Color HD Camera with HDMI Output (26100-253HD)
  • 1 - 22" LCD Monitor (26700-406)
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Post Stand (26800B-570)
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26700-151-CX Aven Tools 26700-151-CX Micro Lens System Zoom 640 w/ Inline LED Coaxial Illumination, 0.6x to 4.0x Add to Cart
Sale $1,163.80
26800B-517 Aven Tools 26800B-517 Focus Mount with Rack & Pinion Coarse and Fine Focus Adjustment Add to Cart
Sale $156.58
26100-253HD Aven Tools 26100-253HD Mighty Cam 1080p HDMI Color Camera with USB Flash Drive, 2.0M CMOS Add to Cart
Sale $1,065.95
26800B-570 Aven Tools 26800B-570 Heavy Duty Post Stand, 11 x 13 in. Base Add to Cart
Sale $434.01
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