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Aven 26700-108

Mighty Mag Auto Focus Macro System with Macro Zoom 7000 Lens, LCD HD Monitor, Post Stand

Brand: Aven
Model No: 26700-108
Our Model No: 26700108
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Easy to refocus and reposition, the Mighty Mag Auto Focus Macro System makes inspection tasks easy
  • Produces crystal clear 1080p images on HD monitor
  • Ideal for inspecting multi-layered objects such as PCBs
  • System consists of Mighty Cam Auto Focus Camera, Macro Zoom lens, LED ring light, heavy-duty post stand
    with focus mount, and HD color monitor

Mighty Cam Auto Focus Camera Features:

  • Provides instant focus from any angle
  • Significantly reduces inspection time
  • Connects directly to included HD monitor to display sharp 1080p HD images
  • Compatible with C/CS mount video lenses and trinocular microscopes
  • Ideal for inspecting multilayered objects such as PCBs
  • Alleviates eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent microscope use

Macro Zoom 7000 Lens Features:

  • Wide zoom range ideal for general inspection and analysis
  • Provides unsurpassed clarity and parfocal zoom capabilities
  • Magnification: 3x - 42x on 22-in. monitor
  • Field of View: 142mm - 11mm
  • Working Distance: 300mm - 20mm
  • Optical Focal Length: 12mm - 36mm
  • Adjustable Aperture: F2.8 - F16

LED Ring Light Features:

  • Consists of 96 high-intensity LED lights that do not heat or flicker
  • Fully-adjustable high resolution dimmer provides uniform, shadow-free illumination
  • No color change with temperature
  • Inner Diameter: 50mm
  • Outer Diameter: 68mm
  • Energy efficient with lower, 4W power consumption

Heavy Duty Post Stand Features:

  • Complete metal construction provides durable stability
  • Large, aluminum powder-coated base (11 x 13 x 0.5 in.) accommodates wide variety of parts
  • Ideal solution for applications where horizontal extension is limited
  • UNC bolt and safety clamp included
  • Vertical post length: 16 in. (406 mm)
  • Vertical post diameter: 1 in. (25.5 mm)

Remote Control Features:

  • Controls on-screen settings menu
  • Menu options include: Auto/Manual Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness, Line Grids

The Aven Tools 26700-108 Mighty Mag Auto Focus Macro System provides instant focus without the need to constantly refocus the lens. It is ideal for inspecting multilayered objects such as PCBs, helping you to achieve your inspection tasks with ease. The autofocus system makes refocusing while repositioning a breeze, while crystal clear 1080p images may be viewed on the included HD monitor.

The 26700-108 Mighty Mag Auto Focus Macro System includes Aven's Mighty Cam Auto Focus camera, heavy-duty post stand with focus mount, 22-in. 1080p HD Color Monitor, Macro Zoom 7000 Lens, and an LED ring light with 96 adjustable LEDs.

  • 1 - Mighty Cam Auto Focus (26100-257), includes:
    • 1 - Mighty Cam Auto Focus Camera
    • 1 - Controller
    • 1 - Power Supply
    • 1 - HDMI Cable
  • 1 - Macro Zoom 7000 Lens (26700-182)
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Post Stand (26800B-570)
  • 1 - LED Ring Light (26200B-216)
  • 1 - 22-in. 1080p LCD HD Monitor (26700-406)
  • 1 - N Type Focus Mount (26500B-578)
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