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Aven 26700-103-20

Macro Series Zoom 7000 PK M3 Video Inspection System with Lightweight Articulating Arm Stand

Brand: Aven
Model No: 26700-103-20
Our Model No: 2670010320
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Displays stunning, lifelike images on 22 in. HD LCD monitor
  • 6:1 zoom ratio allows for quick magnification of objects
  • Parfocal over entire zoom range
  • PC not required for image processing
  • Mighty Cam HDMI offers on-screen menus and built-in USB flash drive for saving images
  • Lightweight Articulating Arm Stand provides users with large working area and flexible positioning of lens
  • E-Arm Focus Mount utilizes rack and pinion mechanism for coarse and fine focus adjustment
  • Ideal for large field of view applications, including quality assurance, biomedical imaging, and precision assembly

The Aven Tools 26700-103-20 Macro Series Zoom 7000 PK M3 Video Inspection System is designed for large field of view applications, including quality assurance, biomedical imaging, and precision assembly. The macro lens has the most depth of field as well as field of view (12 to 284 millimeters) available from a video lens. Zoom, focus, and iris control may be adjusted easily, while no PC is required for image processing. The ready-to-use package has a zoom lens, lightweight articulating arm stand, E-arm focus mount, color 1080p HDMI camera, built-in USB port card, 22" 1080p LCD color monitor and an advanced fiber optic illumination system. The magnification range is 3.7x to 61.9x.

Macro Lens Zoom 7000

The Macro Lens Zoom 7000 has a large working distance of 117.8mm to 304.8mm, and a magnification range of 3.7x to 61.9x, making it an ideal tool for quality inspection, medical research, engineering, and more. A 6:1 zoom ratio allows for the quick magnification of your areas of interest.

Mighty Cam HDMI

This 1080P HD color camera allows you to connect directly to an HD monitor with an HDMI input. A PC is not required for image processing, therefore saving you bench space. In addition, a built-in USB flash drive allows you to save images. All the features of this digital camera can be controlled via on-screen menus.

Lightweight Articulating Arm Stand

The Lightweight Articulating Arm Stand enables provides users with a large working area. The stand offers great flexibility in positioning the inspections system; for example, lifting and pivoting motion allows users to easily extend and retract the camera and lens.

E-Arm Mount

The focus mount features rack and pinion coarse focus adjustment and 50 mm focusing distance in the vertical direction.

LED Fiber Optic Illuminator and Ring Light

The energy-saving LED fiber optic illuminator reduces the cost of energy and enhances productivity. Outputting to the fiber optic ring light ensures bright, even illumination over your specimens.

Lens System Macro Zoom 7000, 6x magnification power over focal range 0.71 to 4.25 in. (18 to 108 mm)
Illumination White LED Fiber Optic Ring Light with Intensity Control
Camera Color CMOS with HDMI Output, 1080P and Built-in SD Card
Stand Lightweight Articulating Arm with E-Arm Mount
On Screen Magnification 3.7x to 61.9x
Working Distance 4.6 to 11.2 in. (117.8 to 284 mm)
Field of View 0.48 to 11.2 in. (12.26 to 284 mm)
  • 1 - Macro Lens Zoom 7000 (26700-180)
  • 1 - E-ARM Focus Mount (26800B-518)
  • 1 - Adapter Plate (26800B-430)
  • 1 - HD Camera with Power Supply (26100-253HD)
  • 1 - LED Fiber Optic Illuminator (26200A-300)
  • 1 - Fiber Optic Ring Light (26200A-402)
  • 1 - LW Articulating Stand (26800B-555)
  • 1 - 22 in. LCD HD Monitor (26700-406)
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26700-180 Aven Tools 26700-180 Macro Zoom 7000 Lens with Close-Up Lens, 1.1x to 6x Zoom Range, 6:1 Zoom Ratio Add to Cart
Sale $583.80
26100-253HD Aven Tools 26100-253HD Mighty Cam 1080p HDMI Color Camera with USB Flash Drive, 2.0M CMOS Add to Cart
Sale $1,065.95
26200A-300 Aven Tools 26200A-300 ProLux LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Add to Cart
Sale $496.25
26200A-402 Aven Tools 26200A-402 Fiber Optic Ring Light for Microscope Mounting Add to Cart
Sale $211.46
26700-406 Aven Tools 26700-406 22 in. LCD Monitor, 1080p HD, LED Backlight Add to Cart
Sale $250.25
26800B-518 Aven Tools 26800B-518 E-Arm Focus Mount with Rack & Pinion Coarse Focus Adjustment Add to Cart
Sale $127.47
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