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Aven 26700-104-00

Macro View All-in-One Scope with 10 in. LCD Monitor and Pole Stand

Brand: Aven
Model No: 26700-104-00
Our Model No: 2670010400
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Video inspection system provides wide field of view and long working distance
  • Switchable macro lens produces powerful magnification of 10x and 15x
  • 2x digital zoom and mirror functions built into camera
  • 10 in. LCD monitor displays clear, crisp images
  • Focus mount includes course and fine adjustment knobs
  • Durable pole stand with compact, lightweight design for easy relocation
  • Built-in 60 LED ring light with adjustable intensity for bright illumination
  • On screen magnification:
    • 10x and 15x
    • 20x and 30x with optional 2x lens (available separately)
    • 40x and 60x with optional 4x lens (available separately)
  • Working distance:
    • 145mm
    • 69mm with optional 2x lens (available separately)
    • 29mm with optional 4x lens (available separately
  • Field of view:
    • 20 x 15mm at 10x
    • 13.3 x 10mm at 15x

The Aven Tools 26700-104-00 Macro View All-in-One Scope is a self-contained video inspection system. It is a compact, easily relocated instrument that simplifies quality checks at any stage of manufacturing or fabrication. Its all-in-one convenience, including a 2x digital zoom camera and 10-inch LCD monitor, is suited for factory floor monitoring of parts, delivered materials and assembled products. It can be moved and set up readily in production areas for spot inspections of solder joints, precision components, circuit boards and other critical process checks, while the ability to view images on a monitor helps to reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Engineers or production managers can spot gaps, hairline cracks, fractures or other microscopic defects. The macro lens enlarges objects 10x or 15x for display of clear, crisp images. LED illumination is adjustable. The system also includes a pole stand with large base (8.25 x 11 x .6 in.) and a vertical post length of 10 inches.

  • 1 - Color CCD Camera
  • 1 - Switchable Macro Zoom Lens
  • 1 - 10 in. LCD Monitor with Power Supply
  • 1 - Pole Stand with Built-in 60 LED Ring Light with Intensity Control
  • 1 - BNC Cable
  • 1 - Power Supply for Camera
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