Aven 11081
2-in-1 Heavy Duty Combination Scissor
See: 69712

  • 3 mm thick blade gives you a fine flush cut
  • Notched blades prevent the material to be trimmed from slipping
  • U-types notches on the blade allows you to hold items such as copper wire, cabtire or insulated cords etc. firmly in place
  • Stainless Steel with blade hardness of HRC 56-60
  • Overall length: 205 mm
  • Blade length: 58 mm
  • Scissors are supplied with a protective blade cap
  • Easily trim materials such as nylon fiber, cabtire cord, Kevlar etc.
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Yellow Jacket 69712 Shown

The 11081 heavy duty combination scissors are similar to our standard 2-in-1 scissors except they feature 3 mm thick blades and larger handles with durable elastomeric grips for comfort. This scissor is designed to cut difficult materials that you cannot cut with standard scissors. It features a notched blade and a U-Type blade made from stainless steel with hardness of HRC 56-60.

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69712 Yellow Jacket 69712 8 Oz. (240 Ml) Universal A/C Discontinued
See: 69712