Aven 10754
Semi-Flush Diagonal Cutter with Compound Action, 6.5 inches
See: 10355

  • Compound lever action handles give you more power for cutting and gripping
  • Compound lever action handles require less force when cutting
  • Durable, semi-flush cutting jaw will cut piano wire up to 2 mm
  • Ergonomic design provides extra comfort and ease in use
  • Nickel-plated handles with jaws made of hardened steel
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Aven's 10754 6.5" Compound Action Diagonal Cutting Pliers have revolutionary compound lever-action handles. The compound lever design offers excellent mechanical advantage, allowing the pliers to cut piano wire with handle force significantly less than conventional forged pliers of equivalent size. These compound action diagonal cutters provide exceptional durability and the ergonomic design yields extra comfort plus power because of the unique compound lever action construction. The semi-flush cutting jaw will cut piano wire up to 2mm in diameter.

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10355 Aven Tools 10355 6" Diagonal Semi-Flush Cutting Pliers, Stainless Steel Discontinued
See: 10355