Aven 26800B-327
DSZV-44 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope & HD Camera

  • Superior optics and reliable mechanical components
  • Magnification Range: 10x to 44x
  • Magnification range with optional lenses: 2.5x to 140.8x
  • On Screen magnification: 12x to 55x
  • Multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration
  • Crystal clear high resolution images
  • Dual View Trinocular allows viewing of object through eyepiece and on external monitor at the same time
  • Relieves eye and neck strain, increases productivity
  • Stand with 60 built in LED with dimmer for shadow free illumination
  • Compact design saves bench space
  • 1080p HD Camera with built in SD Card and 8" Monitor
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Aven 26800B327 Shown
The Aven 26800B-327 DSZV dual view trinocular stereo zoom microscopes offers superior quality optics with the ability to view through both eyepieces and trinocular port simultaneously. This system comes with Aven's special monitor mount that allows for mounting the 8" HD monitor on the side of the microscope for easy viewing of images on the monitor. Reduces eye and neck strain. Monitor can be turned 0 to 180 degree allowing for easy collaboration and training. Magnification range 10x to 44x and 2.5x to 140.8x with optional accessories. HD camera has built in SD card for saving images being viewed for documentation purposes. The 26800B327 microscope body is mounted to the PLED stand which comes with 60 eco friendly, energy saving built in LED lights with dimmer control. The base of the stand measures 220 x 284 mm which provides a large working area for your specimen.
Magnification 10x to 44x, 140.8 max with optional lenses. Screen Magnification: 12x to 55x.
Working Distance 90mm
Illumination 60 White LED
Field of View 23 to 5.2mm
Zoom Ratio 3.5:1
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26800B-327 Aven Tools 26800B-327 DSZV-44 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope on PLED HD Camera & 8" HD Monitor Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • DSZV-44 Trinocular Microscope Body
  • Stand PLED 26800B-512
  • HD Camera with SD Card 26100-253HD
  • 8" HD monitor 26700-405
  • Monitor Holder 26700-405M