Aven 26501-SIV
ProVue Magnifying Lamp w/ 5 Diopter lens

  • Super-Slim Modern Design
  • 36" spring arm stays set in any position
  • 5" 5 diopter round glass lens (2.25x Magnification)
  • 22W Fluorescent Bulb
  • Ideal for assembly, workshop or inspection applications
  • Mounting Clamp allows for easy attachment to desk and bench tops
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Aven 26501SIV Shown

The Aven 26501-SIV magnifying lamp is designed for professionals. It is equipped with an ultra-bright 22-watt circular fluorescent bulb and a crystal clear 5", 5-diopter (2.25x) glass lens to provide 360° distortion free viewing. The 26501SIV's white metal housing is mounted to a 36" spring balanced arm that stays set in any position. Lamp operates at 115 V-AC and comes complete with mounting clamp and a 5-foot power cord. Comes with a 1 year warranty (excludes bulb).

Innovative Design

  • 5-inch, 5-Diopter crystal-clear glass lens for distortion-free viewing
  • 36-inch spring arm ensures a large working range
  • Modern Super Slim design
  • Stylish stainless steel ring

Adjustable Spring Arm

  • Adjust the knob to set your position
  • Stays in place in any position
  • Pinch-free and no exposed wires

Lamp Rotation

  • Adjust the lamp knob to set your preferred lamp angle
  • Stays in place in any position

Mounting Clamp

  • Includes a heavy-duty mounting clamp
  • Clamp mounts directly to your work surface
Magnification 2.25X (5 Diopter)
Lens Diameter 5 in
Adjustable Arm Length 36 in
Color White
Bulb 22-Watt Fluorescent
Lamp Accessories 26501-B22, 22-watt Replacement Bulb. 26501-AL3, Auxiliary Lens - 3 Diopter (1.75x). 26501-SLA, Swing-Away Lens - 5 Diopter (2.25x)
Focal Length 206 mm
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
26501-SIV Aven Tools 26501-SIV ProVue Magnifying Lamp w/ 5 Diopter lens, 36" Spring Balanced Arm with clamp Buy Now Sale $77.96
(Reg. $99.95)
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Included Accessories
  • Magnifying lamp
  • Spring balanced arm
Optional Accessories
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