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Aven 26800B-460

Ring Light Adapter, 2.1 in. (54 mm) Diameter

Brand: Aven
Model No: 26800B-460
Our Model No: 26800B460
Condition: NEW
Sale $18.10
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Product Features:

  • Suitable for use with fluorescent, LED, and fiber optic ring lights
  • Securely mounts ring lights to DSZ, NSW and SPZ series microscopes
  • Easily screws onto bottom of microscope body
  • Diameter: 2.1 in. (54 mm)
  • Height: 0.55 in. (14 mm)

The Aven Tools 26800B-460 Ring Light Adapter allows fluorescent, LED and fiber optic rings lights to be mounted to microscopes. Grooves have been machined around the outside of the adapter to ensure a secure fit. The adapter furthermore screws onto the bottom of the microscope body. It is compatible with DSZ, NSW, and SPZ series microscopes.

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