Avcom PSA-65C
Portable Spectrum Analyzer, Discontinued
Communications and Surveillance Ready

  • 1 to 1250 MHz Continuous
  • > -90 dBm Sensitivity
  • Built-In Audio Demodulator
  • Center Frequency Display
  • Built In Battery & Charger
The Cost Effective Spectrum Analyzer That Simply Makes Sense
The PSA65C is a capable cost effective spectrum analyzer. Covering a range from under 1 MHz to over 1250 MHz in a single sweep makes the PSA-65C suitable for a wide range of communication applications.
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Avcom PSA-65C Shown
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The PSA-65C can be used on the bench, in the field, or in the class room. The low cost of the PSA-65C permits you to issue spectrum analyzers to your technical staff when more expensive units could not be justified. The increased productivity and diagnostic power of employees equipped with a PSA-65C will quickly offset the investment.

Built-In Audio Demodulator!
A built in FM Audio Demodulator allows the PSA-65C to monitor transmissions after they have been observed on the display. This is particularly useful for locating electronic listening devices.

The AM Detector gives the operator the capability to “hear” the vertical deflection of the CRT trace. It was originally designed for utility companies to detect RF leaks in power transformers. A unique zero-span switch allows instant monitoring of transmissions as soon as the “spike” is tuned to the center of the display.

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PSA65C Avcom PSA-65C Spectrum Analyzer Discontinued
PSA65CMTGAvcom PSA-65C-MTG CRT 1MHz-1250MHz, AM&FM Demod, 5 RBW's, 10KHz With Microwave Tracking Generator, Port & Calibration of VCO Output Discontinued
PSA65C-M1000 Avcom PSA-65C-M1000 CRT 1MHz-1250MHz, AM&FM Demod, 5 RBW's, 10KHz With Microwave Frequency Extender 3.7GHz - 4.2GHz, 5.9GHz - 6.4GHz, 7.25GHz - 7.75GHz, 7.9GHz - 8.4GHz and switch box Discontinued

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