Avcom MSA-45D & MSA-45DE
Rack Mount Spectrum Analyzer
for Satellite Vehicles & Uplinks,
See: Avcom MSA-45E

  • 950-2150 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Dual Resolution Bandwidth
  • 50 User Memory Screens
  • Standard 1/2 Width 19” Rack Mount
  • Option for Ethernet Network Control & Monitoring (MSA-45DE)

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Avcom MSA-45D Shown

Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
MSA-45D Spectrum Analyzer and Display Monitor provides the optimum use of rack mount space for the mobile communications vehicle or fixed installation. In the 950-2150 MHz input position the MSA-45D displays the L-Band satellite signals for ease of identification of the satellite and maximizing the signal strength. A precision rotary encoder continuously tunes the entire bandwidth of the analyzer for a quick and accurate display. Display response to varying signal conditions is instantaneous.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MSA45D Avcom MSA-45D LCD 19 Rackmount, 950 - 2150 MHz, Net Access via IP Add.(Broadcast/TV Vans) Discontinued
See: MSA45E
MSA45DE Avcom MSA-45DE LCD 19" Rackmount, 950-2150 MHz, Net Access via IP Add. (Broadcast/TV Vans) Discontinued
See: MSA45E

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