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AV Toolbox Pricelist

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
1TAVPCHDMIAVT AV Toolbox 1T-AVPC-HDMI PC/HD/Stereo to HDMI Video Scaler Discontinued
1T-PC1280HD AV Toolbox 1T-PC1280HD Analog PC/HD to PC/HD Cross Converter Scaler, Input: RGBHV Only via HD-15 / Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15 Buy Now Sale $255.68
(Reg. $300.00)
1TPCDVIPCDVIAVT AV Toolbox 1T-PCDVI-PCDVI Analog/Digital PC/HD/DVI to PC/HD/DVI Video Scaler Buy Now $595.00
1T-V1280HD AV Toolbox 1T-V1280HD Video to Analog PC/HD Up Converter Scaler, Input: CV, YC, YUV. Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15 Buy Now Sale $254.15
(Reg. $299.00)
1TVS434AVT AV Toolbox 1T-VS-434 Analog PC/HD to PC/HD Cross Converter Scaler, Input/Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15 Buy Now $350.00
AP299 AV Toolbox AP-299 Dolby Digital to Analog Audio Converter Discontinued
AP311 AV Toolbox AP-311 Audio Volume Leveler Discontinued
AP-411 AV Toolbox AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector Buy Now $99.00
AP-536 AV Toolbox AP-536 HDMI Audio Extractor Buy Now $179.00
AVT-1660 AV Toolbox AVT-1660 Digital Bi-directional NTSC-PAL-SECAM Standards Converter Buy Now $279.00
AVT-3155A AV Toolbox AVT-3155A Computer to Video Scan Converter Buy Now $149.00
AVT-3160 AV Toolbox AVT-3160 PC or Mac to NTSC or PAL Video Scan Converter Buy Now Sale $169.15
(Reg. $199.00)
AVT-3320 AV Toolbox AVT-3320 Analog Video to UXGA Scaler, Composite & S-Video to PC up to UXGA Up-Converter Buy Now Sale $84.15
(Reg. $99.00)
AVT-3350 AV Toolbox AVT-3350 Analog to PC/HD Video Scaler Buy Now Sale $126.65
(Reg. $149.00)
AVT-3800 AV Toolbox AVT-3800 ImageMax Plus High Performance Video Scaler with PC & HDTV Outputs Discontinued
AVT-4214 AV Toolbox AVT-4214 1x4 Computer Video Distribution Amplifier; Resolutions up to 1920x1440 - 250MHz Bandwidth Discontinued
AVT-4714 AV Toolbox AVT-4714 1x4 Video/Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier Buy Now $110.00
AVT4818 AV Toolbox AVT-4818 1x8 S-Video/Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier Discontinued
AVT4914 AV Toolbox AVT-4914 1x4 HDTV Component (YPbPr) Video/Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier, 100MHz Bandwidth and Stereo Audio Discontinued
AVT-5231 AV Toolbox AVT-5231 3x1 Composite and S-Video, PCM Digital & Stereo Audio Routing Switcher Discontinued
AVT5831 AV Toolbox AVT-5831 3x1 Component Video, Stereo & Optical Audio Manual Routing Switcher Discontinued
AVT-5841 AV Toolbox AVT-5841 4-In x 1-Out Component Video & Stereo Audio Routing Switcher Discontinued
AVT5842MX AV Toolbox AVT-5842MX 4-In x 2-Out Component Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Routing Switcher Discontinued
AVT6041 AV Toolbox AVT-6041 4-In x 1-Out HDMI Routing Switcher v1.3 Routing Switcher Discontinued
AVT-6071 AV Toolbox AVT-6071 4-In x 1-Out Multi-Format HDMI v1.3 Routing Switcher Buy Now $349.00
AVT-6441 AV Toolbox AVT-6441 4-In x 1-Out HDMI Routing Switcher v1.4 with FAST Switcher Technology with 3D / ARC Buy Now Sale $152.15
(Reg. $179.00)
AVT6544 AV Toolbox AVT-6544 4-In x 4-Out HDMI Matrix Switcher Discontinued
AVT-8120 AV Toolbox AVT-8120 Quad Split Generator Buy Now $299.00
AVT-8710 AV Toolbox AVT-8710 Composite & S-Video Multi-standard Time Base Corrector Buy Now $269.00
CDM-830TR AV Toolbox CDM-830TR Professional Grade Bi-directional NTSC-PAL-SECAM Standards Converter in Rackmount Case Buy Now $1,300.00
CS-320 AV Toolbox CS-320 Connect Scan Converter for PC & Mac with AutoSet, Zoom, & Freeze Buy Now Sale $276.25
(Reg. $325.00)
CS450 AV Toolbox CS-450 Eclipse Scan Converter with Genlock/Overlay for PC/Mac, 4 Operational Modes: Scan Converter, Genlock, Overlay, Mix, CV & SV Output Discontinued
See: CS-320
POF-820 AV Toolbox POF-820 Coaxial-to-Optical Digital Audio Converter Buy Now $20.00
POF-830 AV Toolbox POF-830 Optical Digital Audio to Coaxial (PCM) Digital Audio Converter Buy Now $20.00
VS-223 AV Toolbox VS-223 YPbPr Component Video to Composite and S-Video Down Converter Buy Now $280.00
VS-226 AV Toolbox VS-226 HDMI to CV/SV/Stereo Down Converter Buy Now $400.00