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AV Toolbox AP-311
Audio Volume Leveler

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  • Controls Audio Level Fluctuations
  • Processes 20 Audio Bands Independently
  • Accepts Input levels up to 2V/rms
  • Provides Output levels to 1V/rms
  • No Audio "Pumping" or Sampling Artifacts

The AV Toolbox AP-311 Audio Volume Leveler is a breakthrough product using patented technology developed by SRS Labs. The AV Toolbox AP 311 Audio Volume Leveler maintains a constant stereo audio level output in spite of fluctuations encountered in the source's audio signal. By dividing the audio spectrum into 20 separate bands and sampling the audio levels within those bands, the AV Toolbox AP311 holds levels constant and provides a superior listening experience without degrading the audio clarity. The AV Toolbox AP/311 approaches the task of audio processing using a sophisticated model based on how human beings perceive sound and is not a simple automatic level controller. There is no audio "pumping" present nor are sampling artifacts introduced into the output audio signal. Inputs up to 2Vrms are accepted and the output level is a maximum of 1Vrms. The AV Toolbox AP-311 requires 5VDC for operation and an AC Adapter is provided.

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Included Accessories
  • 1 - User Manual