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Atrix FFUT

Forensic Trace Evidence Vacuum Filter with Upholstery Tool

Brand: Atrix
Model No: FFUT
Our Model No: FFUT
Condition: NEW


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  • Includes an upholstery nozzle and evidence collection bag
  • Factory sealed
  • One-time use trace evidence collection filter

The Atrix FFUT SIRCHIE Trace Evidence Collection Filter is designed and manufactured specifically for the collection of >90% of 3-10 micron particle evidence at crime scenes. The evidence filters offer one-time use to prevent any possibility of contamination from one area to another.

These filters are sealed at the factory, and these seals must not be disturbed either before or after the evidence is collected. The seal may be broken only by the laboratory technician. The FFUT includes an upholstery vacuum nozzle for furniture.

The trace evidence filter is intended for one use only. DO NOT REUSE THIS FILTER or either the CREVICE TOOL or UPHOLSTERY TOOL. Reuse will result in cross-contamination of evidence. After the filter and applicable tool are sealed in an evidence collection.

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