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Armada Tech PRO300

Residential Wire and Valve Locator

Brand: Armada Tech
Model No: PRO300
Our Model No: PRO300
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Finds lost valves
  • Finds broken or severely damaged wires
  • Traces write paths
  • Works just like the larger commercial PRO700 and PRO800D models

The Armada Technologies PRO300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator is the perfect fit for the contractor working primarily with smaller wired systems such as residential sprinkler systems are perfect applications as the wires in these systems are not long.

With the PRO300 model, you can save money without feeling shortchanged on performance. Everything you need to do the job, and do it well is included: a transmitter/case, receiver, antenna, ground stake and owner's manual. Operationally, the PRO300 sets up and acts just like the bigger commercial Armada Technologies PRO700 and PRO800D models. Simply place the included ground stake directly into the earth and attach one alligator clip to it. Then, attach the other alligator clip the wire you want to track. Next, follow the path of the null beeps to track the wire. Should a wire be cut or broken, the signal will stop there. Lost solenoids are also easy to find with this residential valve locator, as the signal will change over the solenoid, indicating its location. The Armada Technologies PRO300 wire and valve locator is designed to find lost valves and broken or severely damaged wires, and trace their paths. If you're a contractor working primarily with smaller wired systems, Armada's PRO300 is a perfect fit: underground wires and cables in residential sprinkler systems don't run for long distances, so the PRO300 is a great product for your needs.

  • 1 - PRO300R Receiving Wand and Antenna
  • 1 - PRO300T Transmitter, Carrying Case, and Leads
  • 1 - PRO-GS Ground Stake
  • 1 - User Manual
Armada Pro300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator
Armada PRO300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator
Manual: PDF Document Icon (296 KB)
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