Armada Tech Pro110A
Tone Generator with CATV Connector

  • Sends 1 Khz Tracing Tone
  • Uses 4 AA batteries for 250+ Hours of Operation
  • Audible Continuity Buzzer for Short Detection
  • Male and Female CATV F, RJ11, and Telco Clip Connectors
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Armada Pro110A Tone Generator for Cable Identification generates a 1kHz tracing tone that can be traced by the Pro210F Probe in order to identify and follow wire or cable. The Pro110A features audible and visual indicators for short circuit tests, an LED indicator when it is transmitting, up to 250+ hours battery life on 4 AA batteries, male or female coax F, RJ11 or alligator clip connection, and more.

The Pro110A Tone Generator requires four AA (LR6) batteries (not included). Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the unit and install, being careful to match the correct polarity of the battery and the units. If the batteries have been installed correctly and turned on, LEDs will light.

WARNING - Never connect to live wires greater than 60 volts including 115 or 230 volt AC service.

Connect the Pro110A CATV Tone Generator to the wire you wish to trace using one of the red or black alligator clips and leads. When using the clips, you may either connect to a single wire of a pair with each clip that run together or 1 clip to a wire and one to earth ground. Results vary with each method so experiment. You can connect to a wall jack using a modular adapter.

The black slide switch on the side of the Pro110A operates the unit. Place the switch in the TONE position slide it down), to send a tracing tone down the connected wire. The LED should blink green, indicating a tone signal is being sent. You are now transmitting a tracing tone.

To check for short circuits, place the black slide switch in the SHORT position (slide it upward). Connect it to the circuit you wish to test. If the circuit is shorted, the LED will light solidly red and an audible alarm will come on.

To turn the unit OFF, slide the black switch to the center or OFF position.

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Included Accessories
  • 1 - LED Transmit On Light
  • 1 - Short circuit test with visible and audible indicators
  • 1 - Male or Female Coax F, RJ11 or Alligator Clip Connection
  • 1 - Self-piercing Telco Clips