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Amprobe AT-2004-A

Advanced Wire Tracer Kit for Energized, De-energized and Open Wires

Brand: Amprobe
Model No: AT-2004-A
MPN: 4416090
Our Model No: AT2004A
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Detects and traces wires buried in walls and floors, up to 13 feet (4m) deep, as well as in plastic conduit, cable shield and computer cables
  • Traces energized wires and locates breakers without interrupting power
  • Traces de-energized wires (continuity and grounded wire) and pinpoints shorts and ground faults
  • Traces de-energized open (broken or disconnected) wires and locates the point where the wire is broken
  • Includes a clamp-on attachment for injecting a signal into wires when bare wire access isn't available
  • Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers
  • Includes R-2000 Receiver, S-2600-A Transmitter 9-300 V, T-2200 Transmitter for open tracing, A2201CE Clamp-on transmitter accessory, C2901 Cordset 110 volt plug to banana plugs, C2902 Cordset alligator clips to banana plugs, required batteries, and user's manual

The Amprobe AT-2004-A Wire Tracer lets you trace live, de-energized, or open (broken) wires buried behind walls up to 13 feet (4 m) thick, without interrupting power.

The AT2004A is a great choice for finding wires in walls, locating breakers, neutrals, and ground lines, and zeroing in on shorts, ground faults, and broken wires. This electrical wire tracer doesn’t interfere with sensitive electronic equipment so it’s safe to use in data centers. Includes R2000, S2600-A, T2200, and A2201 Clamp-On Accessory.

R2000 Receiver

The R2000 receiver has two built in sensors that are tuned to pick up the 32.768khz signals generated by any of the transmitters in the AT-2000 family: S2600-A, T2200. The R2000 is designed to indicate the signal’s strength in audio and visual ways to enable precise location of the conductor carrying the signal.

S2600-A Load Signal Generators (LSG’s)

When connected to an energized circuit, the LSG’s will rapidly turn themselves on and off. This generates a slight, periodic current fluctuation that causes the power line to emit its own, trace-able signal. this signal can be detected all the way back to the main generator. However, the signal will not interfere with any sensitive electronic equipment and does not require power interruption.

S2600-A- For use on 9 to 300 volts AC or DC circuits only.

T2200 Transmitter

The T2200 injects a signal onto a conductor. This signal will travel to the end of a conductor. The T2200 transmitter is primarily used for finding breaks in hidden or buried conductors. It will also allow you to trace wires and locate shorts as long as the lines are non-energized.

A2201 Clamp-on transmitter Accessory

The A2201 will allow non-contact signal indication into energized or non-energized conductors. On energized lines, the signal will propagate downstream (from the source to the load) to the end of the circuit, provided there is current flowing in the circuit. Non-energized lines must be grounded at both ends or made into a complete circuit. The signal strength can be boosted significantly by using the B2024 (optional) Battery Pack.

  • 1 - R-2000 Receiver
  • 1 - S-2600-A Transmitter 9-300V
  • 1 - T-2200 Transmitter for open tracing
  • 1 - A-2201 Clamp-on attachment
  • 1 - C2901 Cordset 110 Volt Plug to Banana Plugs
  • 1 - C2902 Cordset Alligator Clips to Banana Plugs
  • 1 - Users manual
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B2024 Amprobe B2024 Battery Pack for Advanced Wire Tracers Add to Cart
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B2025 Amprobe B2025 Battery pack recharger with 110V Converter Add to Cart
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C2902 Amprobe C2902 Alligator Clips - Banana Plug Cord Set Add to Cart
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2502-6X32 Amprobe 2502-6X32 2A/250V Fuse Add to Cart
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