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Amprobe AT-1000

Advanced Wire Tracer for Energized, De-Energized and Open Wires

Brand: Amprobe
Model No: AT-1000
MPN: 2731097
Our Model No: AT1000
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Traces energized lines up to 300 V ac/dc
  • Traces de-energized lines and open conductors
  • Locates shorts and identifies breakers and fuses without powering down
  • Identifies targeted control, alarm, and telephone system cables individually or in a bundle
  • Traces coaxial cable shield
  • Offers a receiver range up to 3' (1 m) from a cable being traced
  • Includes batteries (installed), transmitter, receiver, connection cables, soft carrying case, and user's manual

The Amprobe AT-1000 Wire Tracer is just what you need for routine maintenance and troubleshooting. This electrical wire tracer is easy to use, fast, and extremely accurate for tracing wires and detecting shorts, breakers, open conductors, and fuses from up to 3’ (.91 m) away.

The Amprobe AT1000 wire locator tool traces both energized and de-energized lines and identifies control, alarm, and telephone system cables and coaxial shield cable.

R1000 Receiver

The R1000 contains two built-in detectors that are tuned to pick-up the 17kHz signal generated by the X1000. The detector is selected by the MODE Switch. The "OPEN" position selects the electrostatic (voltage potential) detector. The "CURRENT" position selects the electromagnetic (current) detector. The selection of the detector depends on the condition of the circuit to be traced.

The electromagnetic detector is set in one direction within the R1000 housing. The manner in which the receiver is held, and the direction in which the detector is pointed, will vary the amount of signal that is displayed and give the user an indication of the direction of the wire being traced. This is particularly evident when the R1000 is in the "CURRENT" MODE. Pointing the receiver perpendicular to the wire, so that the front label faces the direction of the wire, will yield the maximum signal displayed.

X1000 Transmitter

The X1000 Transmitter enables tracing of energized circuits up to 300VAC/DC as well as tracing deenergized lines.

When connected to a closed or energized circuit that allows current to flow, the X1000 will turn on and off and cause a 17kHz current fluctuation that can be detected, by the R1000 in the "CURRENT" mode, along the circuit path. The signal will flow to the lowest impedance in the circuit. Usually, the signal is more evident and detected on the conductors going back to the source (transformer). To increase the signal current travelling to the source (transformer), disconnect any know loads on that circuit.

When connected to an open circuit, the X1000 will inject a 17kHz voltage fluctuation that can be detected, by the R1000 in the "OPEN" mode, along the circuit path to the end of that circuit. Proper operation of the X1000 Transmitter is confirmed when the R1000 received indicates a pulsed signal.

  • 1 - R1000 Receiver
  • 1 - X1000 Transmitter
  • 1 - C2901 Cordset
  • 1 - C2902 Cordset
  • 1 - AD-1 Adapter
  • 1 - User Manaul
  • 1 - Soft Carrying Case
  • 2 - 9V Battery
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