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Amprobe MT-2000 MultiTest 2000
Power Quality Recorder, Megohmmeter
& Ground Resistance Tester, Discontinued

Single phase Power Quality functions:
  • Detects and records voltage anomalies Sags and Surges
  • Built in scope displays waveforms
  • Records up to 64 parameters simultaneously
  • Password protection
  • Selectable fundamental frequency of 50 or 60Hz
  • Special data compression system and user selectable rates allow recording from several hours to several years
  • Outlet or battery powered

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Product Information
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Megohmmeter functions:

  • Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors
  • Selectable test voltages up to 1000V
  • Programmable timer to perform the Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test
  • Sensitive Ohmmeter for checking resistance of motor windings
  • Selectable polarization of ohmmeter for checking grounding continuity
  • Automatic voltmeter protects against misuse on hazardous energized systems

Ground Resistance and Resistivity functions:

  • Measures Earth ground resistance - 3 point (fall of potential) or 2 point tests
  • Automatically calculates resistivity - 4 point test
  • Automatic voltage measurement prevents false measurements
  • Automatically applies three testing frequencies for the most accurate readings
  • Test leads, auxiliary electrodes, PC software are included for a complete instrument
  • Auto ranging
  • 2MB of internal memory to store measurements
    RS-232 download to a personal computer
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MT-2000 Amprobe MT-2000 Power Quality Recorder, Megohmmeter, Ground Resistance Tester  Discontinued